Mike O'Shea

Episode 24: Mike O’Shea

Mike O'Shea hails from Co Kerry and has climbed remote peaks and trekked across ice caps in temperates as low as -50 degrees.

By Heather Snelgar

brian maher featured image

Episode 23: Brian Maher

Radio DJ, Brian Maher, was not always running marathons and swimming mammoth distances. Here he tells us how he went from zero to hero and what drives him.

By Outsider

Episode 22: Rob Cummins

Rob tells us all about his journey towards competing at the Ironman World Championships at Kona and offers some valuable advice along the way.

By Heather Snelgar

Claire McCluskey and Nick Russell

Episode 21: Claire McCluskey & Nick Russell

Claire McCluskey and Nick Russell decided to take adventure to the next level, bringing them on a sailing expedition that altered their lives forever.

By Outsider

richard nunan

Episode 20: Richard Nunan

Richard Nunan tells us about the epic PTL and how he juggles his passion for multi-day events with fatherhood, marriage and a full-time job to boot!

By Outsider

karen darke

Episode 19: Karen Darke

Karen Darke, a keen runner & climber, became paralysed at 21. Since then she has taken on expeditions to Greenland & the Himalayas & won gold at Rio 2016.

By Outsider

olive mcgloin

Episode 18: Olive McGloin

Ireland's Olive McGloin is one of three people to take on all 8.600km of the most gruelling hiking trail in the world, the Pacific Crest Trail.

By Outsider

Kiko Matthews

Episode 17: Kiko Matthews

Even after enduring two brain surgeries, Kiko Matthews persevered and became the fastest woman to ever cross the Atlantic as a solo rower.

By Heather Snelgar

John O'Regan

Episode 16: John O’Regan

John O’Regan is a humble runner and guide runner who has represented Ireland in World and European Championships for 24-hour racing, 100km and ultra-trail.

By Heather Snelgar

Ellie Berry and Carl Lange

Episode 15: Ellie Berry and Carl Lange

Ellie Berry and Carl Lange are taking on the daunting yet exciting challenge of walking all of the National Waymarked Trails of Ireland.

By Heather Snelgar


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