sean conway 2

Episode 8: Sean Conway

Adventurer Sean Conway is the first man to cycle, swim and run the length of the UK. He tells us how he went from corporate photographer to full-time adventurer.
damian browne

Episode 7: Damian Browne

Former pro rugby player, Damien Browne, talks about the hardship and isolation over the course of the nine weeks he spent rowing across the Atlantic solo.
Shane Finn 24 marathons 24 days

Episode 6: Shane Finn

26-year-old Shane Finn has run 47 marathons. He tells us all about what motivates him along with his plans for world domination as an entrepreneur.
Andrew Cotton Hard as Nails

Hard as Nails Podcast Episode 5: Andrew Cotton

Andrew Cotton has surfed the biggest waves on the planet. Last year he hit the headlines for one of the worst wipeouts of all time. Now six months into his recovery from a broken back, Andrew tells us what it's like to surf waves the size of 2-storey houses.

Episode 4: Stephen Redmond

Stephen Redmond is first person to swim the 7 Oceans. Here he tells us how he faced box jellyfish, sharks and severe sea sickness as he completed his incredible challenge.
Nikki Bradley on Mt. Errigal

Episode 3: Nikki Bradley

Nikki Bradley was diagnosed with cancer at 16. She's on crutches permanently and faces a full leg amputation. That won't stop her climbing mountains though.
moire o sullivan

Episode 2: Moire O’Sullivan

Moire O'Sullivan is one of Ireland's top mountain runners and adventure racers. She tells us how she managed to win the National Adventure Racing Series just months after giving birth.
Outsider Awards: Man of the Year

Episode 1: Eoin Keith

Eoin Keith on how he went from playing pitch&putt to being a world-class ultra runner. He also talks training, diet and how turning 50 is an advantage.
hard as nails

Hard as Nails: Launches Brand New Podcast

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