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On this week’s Hard as Nails podcast, we welcome John O’Regan, a world-class ultra-runner and guide runner who has represented Ireland in World and European Championships for 24-hour racing, 100km and ultra-trail.

O’Regan has acted as guide on the Everest Marathon for the visually impaired athlete Mark Pollock and, this year, he acted as a guide for the visually impaired athlete Sinead Kane during the 777 World Marathon Challenge. He has completed endurance races on all seven continents and even on the North Pole, enduring blazing heat and frigid temperatures in order to push his body to its absolute limits.

“I always say to myself, there is a finish line, there is an end to this, whether there’s a distance or time, there is an end to this,” says O’Regan. “I just endure it … and there [is] a kind of an enjoyment in being able to push your body a little bit more, to see how far you can actually go.”


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