Derek Cullen quitting alcohol

Derek Cullen: How Getting Rid of Alcohol for One Year Changed My Life

From cycling Africa to training for the PCT, Derek Cullen made the biggest change to his life one year ago, he gave up alcohol and he has not looked back.
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High-Performance Coach Pat Divilly on Achieving Goals

We caught up with Galway high-performance coach Pat Divilly to have a chat about his goals for 2018 and all things Aconcagua.
Tips to make a difference

7 Things You Can Do in 2018 to Make a Difference

Make 2018 the year you give something back, there are so many things you can give your time to that will make a massive difference to the world around you.

5 Essential Strength & Mobility Exercises for Athletes

Aoife O’Neill, Outsider’s consultant Chartered Physiotherapist outlines a simple mobility circuit to get your conditioning off to the perfect start this January.
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The Best and Worst Foods for Fuel

Whether you're starting a new training plan in the New Year or have an expedition lined up, it's important to make sure that your body is getting the right fuel. Our eating guide will help you achieve your goals. 
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6 Ways to Improve Your Physical and Mental Performance in 2018

Want to be fitter, stronger and calmer in 2018? Chartered physiotherapist, Aoife O'Neill gives us six simple tips to make it happen.
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10 Things to Watch on Netflix for Adventure Lovers

We can't always be out there on our own adventure. Lose yourself in someone else's with our list of top adventure documentaries and movies to watch on Netflix this winter.
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5 Magical Cold Busting Ingredients

Prevention is always better than the cure. And these five ingredients are guaranteed to keep colds and flu at bay this winter.
Jon Gupta

Mountaineer Jon Gupta on Living Life in High Altitude

We caught up with Mountaineer Jon Gupta to discuss his recent English speed record up Kilimanjaro and making history in the Yukon Arctic Ultra.
Mark Earley sea swimming

Finding Solace Through the Sea

When grief came knocking on Mark Earley’s door, he turned to pen and paper and sea swimming to seek some relief and try to find some answers.