With Summer just around the corner, we think it’s time for you to turn your garden into the ultimate entertainment space!

We know you want to be the home that everyone talks about this summer, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when turning your garden into a haven for barbecues and gatherings. Well, we’ve gone and done the hard work for you by finding the best accessories to convert your garden this summer!

Micks Garage - Smiling BBQ

1. The BBQ

Price: €592.99

Micks Garage - Campingaz 4 Series Select S Grey BBQ

Let’s start with the essential, must-have, piece of garden equipment – the BBQ. A staple at every summer gathering! We know how important a good barbecue is and how it can make or break a summer party.

We believe that you deserve the best and the best we can find is the Campingaz 4 Series Select S Grey BBQ from Micks Garage. With so many unique cooking features this barbecue allows you to cater to all your guest’s dietary requirements and when the party’s about to end, nearly all the parts are removable and dishwasher friendly, making clean-up a breeze.

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2. Picnic Table

Price: €154.99

Micks Garage - Outwell Dawson Bamboo Picnic Table 2021 Model

An essential but often aesthetically unappealing aspect of a garden, picnic tables take up so much room and often tend to be neglected. That’s why a foldable picnic table like the Outwell Dawson Bamboo Picnic Table is the way to go. Just set it up in seconds when it’s time to eat and then pack it away as the evening goes on.

The Outwell Dawson Bamboo Picnic Table is a great alternative to your standard wooden picnic table as it is much more environmentally friendly and even stronger than oak wood.

Find out more: Micks Garage

3. Patio Heater

Price: €229.99

Micks Garage - Etna Gas Heating Lamp ETNA WHITE Heating Umbrella for PB LPG Gas

Although we’re talking about converting your garden into the ultimate entertainment space for summer, it’s still Ireland and you will need a heater as the night goes on. Luckily for you, this gas heating lamp from Micks Garage is not only affordable but also aesthetically pleasing and can match any style of garden you are going for.

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4. Fire Pit

Price: €64.99

Micks Garage - Lund Garden Steel Furnace With Grill and Log Stand

If you’re like us, you love a natural fire in the garden and this one is perfect for roasting smores or grilling a few sausages if the barbecue is full. It is the Lund Garden Steel Furnace with Grill and Log Stand from Micks Garage.

Find out more: Micks Garage

5. Gazebo

Price: €389.99

Micks Garage - UNIPRODO Foldable Round Garden Gazebo with Walls Diameter: 3.5m

Now we’re looking at one of the ultimate garden accessories – the Gazebo. The UNIPRODO Foldable Round Garden Gazebo is an affordable gazebo 3.5m in diameter with an elegant design. It is the perfect shelter to wow your guests this summer.

The gazebo comes with detailed instructions for easy assembly.

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6. Cooler Box

Price: €157.16

Micks Garage - Coleman Xtreme 100QT Cooler Blue

A cooler box is essential for keeping all your refreshments cold on a hot summer’s day and the Coleman Xtreme 100QT Cooler can keep food and drinks cool for up to four days. As well as being one of the best cooler boxes on the market it also doubles as a seat (for anyone weighing up to 113kg) just in case you invite one too many people over to your new ultimate entertainment space.

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7. Hot Tub

Price: €804.99Micks Garage - MSpa Tekapo Comfort Hot Tub

Now, this is for those of you who want to be really boujee. A back garden hot tub to really spice up your outdoor space. Our hot tub of choice is the 6-person MSpa Tekapo Comfort Hot Tub. This easy-to-inflate and maintain hot tub is perfect for those smaller gatherings on a hot summer’s day or just to brag to your friends that you have a hot tub in your garden.

Find out more: Micks Garage

8. Garden Lights

Price: €19.99

Micks Garage - Solar Fairy Pathway Lights

No garden space is complete without a set of lights to illuminate your new beautiful entertainment space as it gets dark. These solar-powered pathway lights are perfect for summer and will add that finishing touch to your ultimate entertainment space.

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By Killian Andersen

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