Benefits of Hiking: Hike Your Way to Happiness

You probably don’t even realise the benefits of hiking but your body and mind are definitely thanking you for it. Get out there and reap the benefits.

By Maria Hogan

Keeping slopes clean

How the Most-Climbed Mountains Keep Their Slopes Clean

How are mountains dealing with waste? How can governing bodies protect sacred nature from turning into our own personal garbage disposals?

By Brianne Doherty

Healthy snacks for your desk

20 Healthy Snacks to Devour at Your Desk

These healthy snacks for your desk will help you stay focused, prevent energy crashes and help you get all the important nutrients you need.

By Maria Hogan

eat, race, win

Bountiful Breakfasts to Keep You Going: “Eat, Race, Win”

Here are some delicious recipes from Eat, Race, Win that will get you ready for the day ahead — and give you something to look forward to in the morning!

By Brianne Doherty

Adventurous Hen/Stag Dos for an Unforgettable Weekend

There are plenty of adventurous hen/stag dos in Ireland. Here are 10 of the most fun, wet, wild, and daring hen/stag do ideas in Ireland!

By Brianne Doherty

Full Day of Fuel for Athletes: “Eat, Race, Win”

Chef Hannah Grant and Dr. Stacy Sims recognized the importance of nutrition in terms of athleticism and teamed up to share their thoughts and recipes.

By Brianne Doherty

Easy vegan dinners

10 Vegan Dinners You Can Whip Up In A Flash

These 10 easy vegan dinners are perfect for vegans, those interested in trying out a vegan diet or for anyone just looking for some new food ideas. 

By Maria Hogan

runner's knee

Runner’s Knee: Prevention and Treatment for Athletes

We spoke to Warwick Gordon, a physical therapist and member of the ISCP to investigate why runner’s knee occurs, how to treat it, and how to prevent it.

By Brianne Doherty

Shin Splints: Prevention and Treatment for Runners

Medial tibial stress syndrome can often be the bane of runners. Learn the signs and listen to your body in order to avoid the stress of a shin splint!

By Brianne Doherty

essential tips hiking with kids

16 Essential Tips When Hiking With Young Kids

With these 16 tips, there's no reason for you and your children not to make the most of the beautiful Irish countryside this summer. 

By Maria Hogan


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