Shin Splints: Prevention and Treatment for Runners

Medial tibial stress syndrome can often be the bane of runners. Learn the signs and listen to your body in order to avoid the stress of a shin splint!

By Brianne Doherty

essential tips hiking with kids

16 Essential Tips When Hiking With Young Kids

With these 16 tips, there's no reason for you and your children not to make the most of the beautiful Irish countryside this summer. 

By Maria Hogan

clipless pedals

Clipless Pedals: A Few Tips and Tricks for Beginners Making the Switch

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep you comfortable on the bike until you get the hang of your new, more efficient method of riding with clipless pedals.

By Brianne Doherty

preventing chafe

The Athlete’s Guide to Chafe Prevention and Treatment

Endurance athletes are used to pushing through pain, but, sometimes, the burning pain of chafing can ruin the joy of participating in sport.

By Brianne Doherty

Eat race win

Bars and Balls to Fuel Your Next Adventure: “Eat, Race, Win”

Chef Hannah Grant and Dr. Stacy Sims wrote down their recipes for all-natural, delicious energy bars and balls so you can fuel up without slowing down.

By Brianne Doherty

Dan Martin

Interview: Dan Martin Talks Self Belief, Enduring Pain and His Love Affair With Cycling

We caught up with cycling legend Dan Martin to find out what makes him tick.

By Outsider

The clumsy cyclist cake

10 Wacky Cakes for Adventure Lovers

We've rounded up 10 mind-blowing adventure themed cakes. Perfect for the mountain biker, kayaker, camper or hiker in your life!

By Outsider

Gluten-Free Breakfasts

3 Simple, Tasty and Gluten-Free Breakfasts to Try This Week

Start the day the right way with these scrumptious breakfast ideas from surfer/foodie Finn Ní Fhaoláin. Simple, Tasty and Gluten- Free!

By Outsider

Best Camping Hacks

10 Camping Hacks that will Change your Life

All the tips and tricks that you learned at Cubs and Brownies may be deep in your memory so we’ve assembled our favourite camping hacks to sure your night in the great outdoors goes smoothly. 

By Outsider

water safety

Complete Guide to Water Safety: How to Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

Water safety is something that should be taken very seriously. So, before you grab your beach bag, check out these tips on how to stay safe in the water.

By Brianne Doherty


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