desk job active

12 Tips to Make your Desk Job More Active

Getting active during your day at work can help you avoid feeling sluggish, relieve muscles aches and pains, boost mood, and lower your stress levels.
Irish Adventure Instagram Accounts

10 Irish Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire Your Next Adventure at Home

These photographers, surfers, climbers and just some regular folk with their iPhone in hand have managed to capture Ireland's wild places at their best.
treat a jellyfish sting

How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting: Steps to Follow and Myths to Avoid

Amid the influx of jellyfish in Ireland, if you find yourself stung while in the ocean, here are the steps to treat a jellyfish sting immediately.
back garden activities -SLIP-N-SLIDE

7 Quick and Easy Back Garden Activities for Your Kids This Summer

School is finally out, and you know what that means: hyper children yearning for something to expel their energy and captivate their attention. Looking for activities to get your kids to embrace their creative and adventurous side? Look no further. 
Sleep Apps

5 Sleep Apps That Actually do the Job

When insomnia hits, turning to your smartphone usually isn't the best thing to do. There is one exception is sleep apps – that actually work! 
Marathon Tapering

Marathon Tapering: Mistakes You Should Avoid

Marathon tapering is one of the most important parts of your training. Tapering allows the body time to recover from the grueling hard work of Sunday long-runs and the everyday pounding of your feet on the pavement, and will help you achieve (hopefully!) a personal best on your next 42km. 
K2 Mountain

K2: 8 Things You Never Knew About the Second Deadliest Mountain in the World

K2 Mountain is well known in the climbing and mountaineering community as one of the most difficult, arduous, and dangerous mountains in the world. It is the second highest mountain in the world, clocking in at a massive 8,611m above sea-level. 
Dog Poo Problem

Shit One: How to Solve the Dog Poo Problem on Our Streets

Getting dog poo on your shoes does not belong to our list of Top Ten Things To Do in Dublin. What's the solution to the dog poo problem in Dublin?
Everyday Mobility Exercises

Mobility Matters: Everyday Exercises to Improve Your Overall Performance

We need effective mobilization techniques not only to keep our bodies at their top game but also to combat the ill effects of excessive sitting.

The Historic Swimmer Nuala Moore: What I Eat in a Week

Nuala Moore – the first person in history to swim the maritime boundary between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans – shares her swimming week food diary.