The Montane Spine Race

Eoin Keith’s Retires from The Spine Race as Carol Morgan Pushes on for the Win

Eoin Keith's makes the tough decision to pull out of this year's Spine Race. While, Ireland's Carol Morgan continues to lead in the women's category.
Things to do in Donegal

Things to Do in Donegal: The Complete Guide for Adventure Lovers

Everything you need to know for an adventure in Co Donegal, from the best places to go to the best things to do on land and in water.
Mary Nolan Hickey Lap of the Map

Meet the 65 Year Old Who Is Running a Lap of the Irish Map

Mary Nolan Hickey (65) is running a lap of the map, aka around the entire coast of the island of Ireland, to raise funds for the RNLI.
Hut to hut hiking trip Dolomites

6 Great Reasons Why You Need to Go on a Hut-to-Hut Hiking Trip in the Dolomites!

Imagine a place where any lingering stress simply disappears into thin air. It sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it? Then join us in the Dolomites!

Women For Triathlon Galway Gathering Launched

If you are a woman, a triathlete (or interested in becoming one) then head along to the Women For Tri® Galway Gathering on 17 January.
Derek Cullen quitting alcohol

Derek Cullen: How Getting Rid of Alcohol for One Year Changed My Life

From cycling Africa to training for the PCT, Derek Cullen made the biggest change to his life one year ago, he gave up alcohol and he has not looked back.
Walks in Clare

6 of the Best Walks in County Clare

Had enough of surf and seafood for the moment? Then there are plenty of stunning trails waiting to be walked in Co Clare.
Pat Divilly talk

Pat Divilly Comes to Cotswold Outdoor, Dublin this Friday

If you are out and about in Ireland's capital city this Friday, pop into Cotswold Outdoor for the high-performance coach Pat Divilly's free talk.
Tips to make a difference

7 Things You Can Do in 2018 to Make a Difference

Make 2018 the year you give something back, there are so many things you can give your time to that will make a massive difference to the world around you.
Patagonia Worn Wear Snow Tour

Keep an Eye Out for the Patagonia Worn Wear Snow Tour on the Slopes this Season

The Patagonia Worn Wear Snow Tour is waiting to repair your gear, in a brilliant initiative to encourage customers to extend the lifetime of their garments