Mountain Rescue Base

Mountain Rescue Base Ransacked & Thousands Worth of Equipment Stolen

We are saddened and angry to report that a volunteer mountain rescue team in Sligo has been left without vital equipment after a break-in.
Running and Hiking Events in Ireland

May 2018: Adventurous Events & Races

May is on the way and in our heads that means it's summertime! Check out all the cool events and races happening around the country.
Just Eat dublinbikes ambassadors

Just Eat Dublinbikes Station Opens in Grangegorman

Great news, more dublinbikes stations are coming to Dublin! This is another small step towards a more sustainable city and we heartily approve.
Rewaterproof jacket

How To: Re-Waterproof Your Favourite Shell

If you are getting soaked underneath your 'waterproof' jacket, then the time has come to re-waterproof your shell. It's easier than it sounds, we swear!
Triathlon Ireland Sponsorship Deal

BMW Signs €1 Million Deal with Triathlon Ireland

The German car manufacturer BMW will become the driving force behind Triathlon Ireland after signing a €1 million three-year deal.
Outdoor Festivals in Ireland

10 of the Coolest Outdoor Festivals in Ireland this Summer

These cool Irish outdoor festivals will get you psyched for the summer ahead! Whether you're a walker, surfer or paddler, there is something here for you.
Ocean Clean Up

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Bigger Than France, Germany & Spain Combined

In some truly horrifying news about the state of our planet, the GPGP is officially bigger than France, Germany and Spain combined and it’s still growing.
Recycled Outdoor Gear

6 Items of Outdoor Gear made from Recycled Materials

With the world in a state, one little thing you can do to make a difference is to buy gear that is made from recycled materials
wash down jacket

How To: Wash Your Down Jacket

If the time has finally come to wash your down jacket, stop fretting and follow these simple steps to reinvigorate your favourite piece of kit.
Go with the Flow

Paddling & Wild Camping Adventures on the River Barrow

There is no better way to immerse yourself in nature and forget your woes, then by piling all you need into a Canadian canoe and paddling down a river.