When you’re out biking in the gorgeous scenery of a new country, in snow-capped hills, dense green valleys and down thrilling mountainsides, the last thing you want to do is have to stop adventuring. With normal mountain biking, speedy descents usually come at the cost of painful up-hill battles to get to the top of a trail, leaving you exhausted by the time you finish a few rounds. However, hop on an e-mtb and you will be able to ride for hours upon hours. The subtle kick of the e-mtb will get you up those trails much easier, leaving you with more energy to enjoy the exciting descents and keeping you out in the gorgeous outdoors until the sun goes down.

Europe has some stunning venues and natural trails that are perfect for electric mountain biking. Here are seven of the best spots in Europe for an e-mtb holiday that will have you gaping at incredible scenery and relishing in the thrill of mountain biking.

1. Finale, Italy


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Since Finale is graced with the Mediterranean’s mild kiss, the riding conditions along the town’s mountain biking trails are agreeable all year round. This mild climate also keeps the trails in pristine condition, usually only being withered by mountain biking enthusiasts and their tires.

The trails in Finale Ligure offer routes for any level of fitness and ability. Stage 5 of the famed Enduro World Series is held on these trails and we now know why. Finale Ligure is home to some of the most epic descents that can last up to an hour. However, in order to tear up these downhill portions, long, technical climbs are required – a perfect time to have a little extra boost of power behind you with your e-bike.

It will aid in these challenging ascents, making you a bit less fatigued at the end of the day. More energy means you can finish your sessions with an easy ride along the trails all the way to the beach.

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2. Gran Canaria, Spain


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Gran Canaria is famous for its stunning weather, having an average of 325 days of sunshine per year – so, you can make your biking holiday away from the office count. The trails in Gran Canaria demand a high level of fitness, due to the number of tough climbs in the area. However, with your e-mtb, these ascents can be made with less effort, giving you more energy to enjoy the incredible descents along the dusty trails.

The massive appeal of Gran Canaria for mountain biking is their extensive amount of unexplored trails just waiting for the next daring adventurer to take on. With the enormous variety of routes along the island, it would be easy to spend every hour of the day on these tracks and with an e-mtb, you might just have the energy to do so.

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3. Nice, Cote d’Azur, France


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The mountains of Nice, France, are home to some of the most well-known mountain biking paths in the world. The weather is mild during the winter months, making it an exceptional place for riding year round. With over 335km of trails, including 16 graded trails that look over the breathtaking landscape of Côte d’Azur, Nice will have you gaping at its incredible scenery while you cruise along its trails.

The mountains cater everything from XC biking to downhill rides and their mix of rocky terrain and wooded areas keep riders on their toes with what to expect next. Take on the trails beginning in Levens (about 26km from Nice), and be sure to check out Mercantour National Park, La Haute Roya, and Peille (which is the training area for ten-time Downhill World Champion, Nicolas Vouilloz’s).

4. The Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine


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The Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine are a thrilling haven for mountain bikers and e-mountain bikers alike. The mountains have well-marked trails for daily cycling trips and each of the trails boasts a unique, stunning view of the Carpathian countryside.

These mountains are remote and wild, giving adventurous cyclists a break from the city in the great outdoors. There are plenty of unmarked trails in these mountains, providing challenges and electrifying ascents and descents for the more thrill-seeking riders and also marked trails for those looking to explore the wilderness at their own leisure.

Pylypets Mountain Bike Park has four organised mountain biking trails (three of which are used for professional mountain biking competitions). If you’re looking for some high-altitude riding, the Chorngora Mountain Range has multiple trails that traverse some of the highest peaks in Ukraine, including Mt. Goverla (2061 metres). With these altitudes, you will be thankful you have the little extra push from your e-mtb.

5. Tirol, Austria


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Located in the heart of the Alps, Tirol, Austria offers high-octane rides with its steep ascents, winding valleys, and rough descents. Tirol has a network of trails that spans over 920km, and, with your e-mtb, you can explore all of the alpine routes at your own leisure. To make your outing even more enjoyable, there are many quaint inns and restaurants along the road-trails that you can pop into for a quick bite and a bit of rest as you overlook the incredible mountains surrounding Tirol.

Tirol, Austria is also home to Bike Republic Solden, a mountain-biking park that provides high-adrenaline biking along the alpine terrain of Austria. This park has over 20 natural trails filled with steep descents, winding curves, and even thrilling jumps. Just like a ski mountain, trails here range from blue to black, with blue being easy family trails. Beginning riders can also have training sessions through the Ride on Bike School located in the centre.

6. Hardanger Mountains, Norway


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Mountain biking in the Hardanger Mountains of Norway should be on any biker’s bucket list. Norway’s terrain includes stunning mountains and boundless forests give bikers an adrenaline rush. Several ski resorts (such as Hafjell, Trysil and Geilo) have bike parks for downhill and mountain biking, and their lift systems are even open for bikers in the summer.

The best time to visit Norway for an e-mtb holiday would be in the summer. The endless hours of sunlight will have you tearing up the trails for hours, and the warmer weather will keep you cool and comfortable on the sturdy ascents and epic descents.

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7. Arosa, Switzerland


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With over 300 miles of mountain biking trails traversing the Graubünden Mountains, e-mtb riders of all levels can enjoy the beauty of Switzerland from the saddle. The Tschuggen Grand Hotel has a series of biking experiences available for hire if you want a more structured approach to your holiday and the hotel itself grants access to all of the area’s trails.


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