The Irish rock band The Riptide Movement has partnered up with Clean Coasts, Ireland’s steadfast organization that engages local communities in the protection of Ireland’s oceans, beaches, and marine life, in order to create and release a three-part web series that highlights the issues of marine litter and its effects on ocean life and ecosystems.

On 1 November 2018, “The Riptide Movement Plastic Oceans” web series, narrated by Jerry Fish, will take viewers on a journey with The Riptide Movement and Clean Coasts as they travel along Ireland’s coasts and meet with some of Ireland’s leading marine biologists, researchers, campaigners, and volunteers to expose the detrimental effects that litter has on our oceans.

“Litter, and particularly marine litter, has a huge, long-term, negative impact on our environment,” Clean Coasts Manager Sinead McCoy said in a recent press release. “Raising public awareness is incredibly important when it comes to reducing marine litter, which we see washing up on our coastline on a daily basis. So, the Clean Coasts programme is delighted The Riptide Movement [is] using their influence to bring attention to not only the issue of marine litter but, also the incredible work being done by Clean Coasts groups and our Clean Coasts stakeholders.”

Do Your Bit: Let’s Clean Up Our Coastline and Countryside

Visiting various eco-friendly and “green” sites around Ireland, the band, along with Clean Coasts, was also able to showcase changes that everyone can make to lessen the damage of single-use plastic items in marine ecosystems.

“We hope this web series and our music can help raise more awareness around one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time,” said lead singer Malachy Tuohy in a recent press release. “Through our web series, we wanted to learn about the issue of plastic pollution here in Ireland and what small changes we can make to help stem the tide of single-use plastics. Our oceans are drowning in plastic and it is not the legacy we want our generation to be remembered for.”

For more information on this series, and to preview the first episode, visit The Riptide Movement. To learn more about how you can get involved in cleaning up our marine ecosystems, visit Clean Coasts.


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By Heather Snelgar

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