The Outsider Awards 2018 is delighted to introduce two new categories to this year’s event. The Eco-Hero Award and the Eco Group Award brought to you by Leave No Trace and Clean Coasts will celebrate individuals and groups who have dedicated time and effort to make a positive impact on our environment. 

The Eco-Hero Award – brought to you by Clean Coasts and Leave No Trace – is new for 2018. It recognises individuals that have taken environmental action within their chosen sport or outdoor pursuit and encouraged others to follow their example. The main elements which will be considered by the judges are as follows:

– Individual promoted environmental ethos in their area of outdoor activity, recreation or sport

– Individual has adopted an environmental/leave no trace ethos

– Individual has promoted environmental actions of others and/or engaged in community group work

– Individual is considered a role model or leader within the field

The Eco Group Award – brought to you by Clean Coasts and Leave No Trace – recognises efforts made by communities (this includes community groups, sporting groups, business etc) that have made outstanding efforts in 2018 to improve their local environment. The award recognises environmental efforts taken by the community can take on any form that has improved its region, including tidy towns efforts, area cleanups, promotion of environmental messaging, adoption of environmental practices etc. The main criteria which will be considered by the judges are:

– Community ethos

– Environmental action taken

– Originality of approach

– Impact of group action on wider community


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