5 Exciting New Events in Ireland That You Need to Sign Up For

New adventure races, cycles, runs and triathlons are popping up all over Ireland making an already impressive events calendar even better.

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connemarthon feture

5 Great Events to Add to the Perfect Weekend Away

Looking to combine a challenge with a fun-filled weekend away? We round up five events that take place in some of the best locations in Ireland.

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Road running races Ireland

21 of the Best Road Running Races in Ireland in 2019

Get out your trainers, because we've put together a list of some of the most exciting road running races in Ireland that you can sign up for in 2019!

By Heather Snelgar

Night HIkes in ireland

6 of the Best Night Hikes in Ireland in 2019

Strapping on your boots after sunset can be one of the most rewarding adventures. Here are six of the best night hikes in Ireland in 2019.

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mountain biking events in Ireland

8 of the Best Mountain Biking Events in Ireland 2019

There are some brilliant mountain biking events coming up in 2019. So get the calendar out, it's time to start planning what events you are going to enter.

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open water swimming events

8 Open Water Swimming Races To Tackle in 2019

Are you part of the open water community that flock to the frigid waters on a daily basis? Make 2018 the year you sign up for an open water swimming race.

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Gaelforce Mountain Run

Mountain Running is Taking the World by Storm, Here’s Why

Mountain running is great for physical & mental health. And it's also easy on the wallet too. It's no wonder mountain running is taking the world by storm.

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Adventure Racing

Why You Should Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Try Adventure Racing

Adventure racing is not for the faint of heart and pushes even the toughest athletes to their mental, physical, and emotional limits.

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Ireland Walking Festivals 2019

10 of the Best Walking Festivals in Ireland in 2019

Get together with new mates that enjoy a good trek as much as you and embark on a gorgeous journey with some of the best walking festivals in Ireland.

By Heather Snelgar

Adventure Races Ireland

10 of the Best Adventure Races in Ireland in 2019

Get up and get out in Ireland's gorgeous landscape, pushing your limits as an athlete! Here are 10 of the best adventure races in Ireland coming in 2019.

By Heather Snelgar


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