Running Donor

Interview: Running the Ireland Way After Donating Half my Liver

Almost two years ago Don Hannon donated half of his liver to his sister. Now he's set to run the 930km Ireland Way to encourage people to get a donor card.
Eoin Keith

Interview: Eoin Keith Takes on the Toughest Running Race on Earth, The Barkley Marathons

Ireland's top Ultra Runner, Eoin Keith, tells us how is he is feeling ahead if the world's toughest running race, The Barkley Marathons.
The Barkley Marathons

10 Reasons Why The Barkley Marathons Is the Most Ballistic Thing on Earth

If you are an avid ultrarunner, you will definitely have heard about this insane ultra in Tennessee, The Barkley Marathons.
Nuala Moore Cape Horn

Meet the Irish Ice Swimmer Taking on Cape Horn in Togs

Selling bed linens in her little shop in Dingle by day, Ireland’s most accomplished ice and extreme swimmer by night, Nuala Moore is a force to be reckoned with.
The Mongol Rally

Meet the Lads Driving 17,000km from Mayo to Mongolia this Summer

What better way is there to spend your summer than driving a piece of tin 17,000km from Mayo to Mongolia as part of The Mongol Rally?!
Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan Talks Defending her Spine Race Title in Severe Conditions

We caught up with Irish ultrarunner Carol Morgan to talk about winning the notorious Spine race (joint sixth overall) for the second time in a row.
10KM a day 365 days

Ryan O’Reilly: Running 10km a Day for 365 Days

We love hearing about our readers taking on challenges! Here's one for the 'mere mortals' among you, Ryan O'Reilly is running 10km a day for 365 days.
gerard prendergast bike

Meet the Man Doing an Ironman a Week for 52 Weeks

Last year Gerard Prendergast won Deca UK, now he is in the midst of doing 52 Ironman in 52 weeks, and he's got even bigger plans for 2019.
Ross Edgley

Ross Edgley’s Epic Island to Island Swim Pulling a 45kg Log

English athlete and adventurer Ross Edgley attempts to swim from Martinique to St. Lucia while pulling a 45kg log. And it did not go smoothly!
Mary Nolan Hickey Lap of the Map

Meet the 65 Year Old Who Is Running a Lap of the Irish Map

Mary Nolan Hickey (65) is running a lap of the map, aka around the entire coast of the island of Ireland, to raise funds for the RNLI.