Harbour Splash

Diving into Summer, Outsider Style: Our Evening at Harbour Splash

4 p.m. rolls around and the whole office closes their laptops, packs up their bags and heads out the door for our afternoon at Harbour Splash!

By Heather Snelgar

tips to beat tiredness

Always Tired? Try These 10 Tips Before You Reach for Another Coffee

It's time to stop reaching for the coffee and start treating the cause of your fatigue. Wake yourself up with our top 10 tips to beat tiredness

By Heather Snelgar

women in adventure

Groundbreaking Survey Reveals Importance of Outdoors on Women’s Health

By Heather Snelgar

guy molyneux

Heroes: Ice Swimmer Guy Molyneux Tackles Ice Mile

By Heather Snelgar

free travel apps

15 of the Best Free Travel Apps that will Help you Save Money

By Heather Snelgar

Souryan Dubois

Taking on the Biking Blitz – on a Unicycle

By Heather Snelgar

Just Eat Fit Food

Just Eat Fit Food: Farewell to Fad Diets!

By Heather Snelgar

World's wackiest hotels

15 of the World’s Wackiest Hotels for Adventure Lovers

Looking for something different for your next adventure? Well, look no further than our list of the world's wackiest hotels.

By Heather Snelgar

mountain biking trails

€10 Million Allocated to Irish Mountain Bike Trail Initiative

By Heather Snelgar

Exercises for Beginner Hikers

Hiking for Beginners: Exercises to Get You Fit

Before you start on the mountain, make sure your body is ready for the ascent. Here are some exercises that will strengthen your body to prepare for hikes!

By Heather Snelgar


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