Dublin bike commuters will be all too familiar with the feeling of cycling between two buses. It is, unfortunately, something that happens on a daily basis and no matter how many times it happens, it always puts the fear of God into you.

The latest incident caught on camera is from Ciaran O Conluain, when he was again caught between a line of parked buses and a closing-in bus on the other side.

Watch the video below:

His tweets read:

“Here is the film from my first complaint against Dublin Bus. I found the process very good. The form takes two mins. I got a response saying driver would be spoken to and I received the footage by post within 4 weeks. Everyone should do this. I had maybe 6” either side.

“I had been a racing cyclist for 7 years and commute every day by bike for over 10 years. I think a driver purposely going past someone they saw and squeezing them against another vehicle would cause some cyclists to come down under the wheels potentially. Hi viz no help here.

“Might not look so bad, but when you have a 4 metre bus on one side and a 4 metre bus closing in on the other at speed then it’s frightening. I just took a pic of reg/bus number and filled in form. Driver who have many complaints must change behaviour. Stay safe”

The more we report these incidents, the more steps will be taken to stop these kinds of incidents happening. Careful out there folks.

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By Orla O'Muiri

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