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How To: Treat a Blister

A bad blister can see the end of a great adventure, or an enjoyable one anyway. Treating blisters properly, however, can save you a world of pain.
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How To: Build a Campfire in 6 Simple Steps

If you're struggling to get your campfire started, then you need to read these six simple tips. You'll be warm and toasty in no time!
8 Pieces of Plastic to Stop Using Right Now

8 Pieces of Plastic to Stop Using Right Now

It’s thought that the oceans will contain more plastic weight than fish by 2050. Here are 9 things you can do to try to prevent that.
Benefits of Surfing

5 Reasons Why you Should Take up Surfing ASAP

The benefits of surfing are far-reaching. You’ll be able to build fitness, flexibility, improve your mental health, and much more.
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How to: Turn a Beer Can into a Camping Stove

Combine two of mankind’s greatest loves – fire and beer – to create this super handy and effective beer can camping stove.
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10 Wacky Cakes for Adventure Lovers

We've rounded up 10 mind-blowing adventure themed cakes. Perfect for the mountain biker, kayaker, camper or hiker in your life!
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Books for Adventure Lovers: 10 of the Best

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5 Things that Will Make you Live Longer

It’s not quite forever, but it turns out that by following a few simple steps you can live longer, healthier and happier.
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4 Ultra Tasty Gluten-Free Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings

Quick and easy nutritious meals that will leave you feeling satisfied, here are four gluten-free recipes to satisfy your cravings from Finn Ni Fhaolain.
Triathlon: How to Get your Motivation Mojo Back

Triathlon: How to Get your Motivation Mojo Back

Adam Kelly, Outsider's triathlon editor, looks at motivation and how to give ourselves the kick in the ass that we all need on a regular basis!