We are excited to launch our adventure calendar! For the first 24 days we challenge you to do 24 different adventures, check them out here and get planning. We will be posting an adventure reminder on our Instagram every morning so make sure to be following us there!


Day 1 – Take your coffee outside

A nice easy one to kick off this Adventure calendar. We will be taking our morning coffee outside in one of our Kambukka flasks this morning. You can take it into your graden or take it up a mountain its up to you but just enjoy 15-20 minutes at the start of the day being outside, bowever that looks for you! Tag us in your stories on social media and share the calendar with friends to be in with a chance of winning a Kambukka flask of your own!

Day 2 – Take a new way to work

Take a different route to work this morning. You may work in a city, you may work from home. Wherever you work switch us your morning routine. Walk through the park you usually walk past, take the long route from the bus stop to the office, cycle if you haven’t in a while or maybe even run! Since the days are very short at the moment, during the week the only daylight we may experience is in the morning. S0 make the most of your morning and see how it changes your day!

Day 3 – Do a park run

Do a Park Run ! Lace up your running or walking shoes! Every Saturday at 9.30am in parks all around the country people take part in FREE 5k runs/walks! Find your local Parkrun, sign up and complete a 5k! Being active early in the morning will boost your energy for the rest of the day! Mention us in your STRAVA or your stories!

Day 4 – Take a hike

Take a hike!  Choosing a good hike is a little more challenging in winter in Ireland! The route needs to limit time on potentially wet boggy grown or very exposed peaks while remaining interesting and enjoyable. We have also seen over the past few years that different people have different definitions for “hike”. With all that in mind we have compiled a list of the top winter hikes in each province. We have divided each article up by difficulty and we hope there is something there for you to lace your boots up for! Let us know what hike you end up doing! Tag us in your stories!

Day 5 – Go stargazing

Go Stargazing! One of our few weather dependant adventures this month. Go outside and see how many stars you can see tonight! If it is cloudy where you are maybe try and find “stars” somewhere else. City lights from the top of a hill, the eyes of a deer in a forest, get creative but most importantly get outside! If you take any photos tag us in them on Instagram and we will share them!

Day 6 – Go swimming

Go for an outdoor swim! Ah g’wan! Baby it’s cold outside but so so worth it, even for a 10 second dip! Tag us in your swimming photos to be in with a chance of winning our 2nd gift of this Adventure Calendar! Recruit some of your swim buddies!

Day 7 – Support a small Irish business

Support a small Irish Business! Many of us are frantically looking for presents now! Here are some of our favourite #smallbusiness to support today 👇
Nuasan make sustainable recovery creams for athletes
Kahm Swimwear make beautiful sustainable swimsuits
West Cork Beard Company make the perfect gift for him
Vico Deodrant make plastic free natural deodorant
Coucon are the original Irish changing robe brand
The Good Neighbour Zero Waste shop in Dundrum
Pure Clothing Sustainable luxury clothing
Outside In Clothing brand that donates clothes to the homeless when you buy
Great Outdoors A full Irish outdoor shop that stocks all outdoor gear
Fresh Cuts Clothing Ethical clothing brand
Sculpted by Aimee Cruelty-free make up for all ages

Day 8 – Organise you outdoor gear

Organise your outdoor gear! Take the time one of these dark evenings to sort out your outdoor gear! Less time looking for your gear means more time outside! Tag us in the photos of your gear storage!

Day 9 – Do a litter pick

5 minute litter pick! You can do this as part of many of the days on the adventure calendar. On your commute, dog walk or evening walk fill a bag with some litter! Do a little or do a lot it doesn’t really matter but do your part!

Day 10 – Visit a Christmas market

Visit a Christmas Market! There are so many nice Christmas markets on at the moment, a great place to have some festive food and pick up a few nice last minute stocking stuffers!

Day 11 – Bake something and eat it on a hike

Bake something and eat it on a summit! There is only one thing better than eating baked goods, and that is eating baked goods on a hike! Here are some of our favourite easy recipes for some yummy treats that make epic hiking snacks!

Day 12 – Go indoor climbing

Go Indoor Climbing! If you want to join a group that are going to  The Wall Sandyford after work at around 7pm this evening feel free to join us for a climb! DM Matt if you are coming along!

Day 13 – Movie night

Movie Night! A lot of the other adventures on our adventure calendar are aimed at getting you outside. This one is meant to get you excited about being outside! Here are some of our favourite outdoor adventure movies to watch during winter!

Day 14 – Make your own decoration

Make your own Christmas decoration! Go to a forest and collect some natural materials and get creative! Head to our story for some ideas! Tag us in your creations, there will be prizes!

Day 15 – Sign up for a 2023 event

Sign up for an event for 2023!  Putting a date on the calendar will give you an objective to aim at in January and February when the days are short and the wind is cold! We have an entry for @ecotrailwicklow up for grabs today! Share the adventure calendar to your story (this post) to be in with a chance of winning it!
Best Outdoor Events for 2023

Day 16 – First training session for your event

Do your first training session for your upcoming event! If you want to join us on an informal run on the 16th please DM Matthew for the details. This will be a social pace run but a good fitness level and some prior trail running experience is required! 

Day 17 – Go ice skating or skiing

Go Iceskating or Skiing! Head to one of Ireland’s many ice rinks or book a lesson at the Ski Club of Ireland and experience some winter sports Irish-style!

Day 18 – Climb a new mountain

Reach a new summit! Climb a hill you haven’t been up before, or at least one you haven’t been up in a while! If you want some ideas check out our top hikes article.

Day 19 – Sit beside a body of water

Sit beside a body of water! Did you know that bodies of water release negative ions which has been shown to boost mood in humans! So find a beach, a lake or a river and take some time to process. Christmas week can be hectic so be sure to still make time for yourself!

Day 20 – Have a phone fast!

Have a “phone fast”. Phones are excellent and necessary for many parts of our lives! Do you need to have your phone turned on after dinner though? There are multiple reasons to put the phones down, especially at this time of year! Crack out a board game, go for a night time walk, read “that” book, draw something , write something. There is any number of activities you can do that will result in good conversations that doesn’t need to be mediated by a screen! The extension of this adventure is to wait until after breakfast tomorrow before you turn your phone on again!

Day 21 – Re-proof your jacket

Re-Proof Your Jacket! We are going to be using our jacket a lot over the coming months when we venture outside in Ireland! Make sure your gear is ready for the weather! Our good pals at Great Outdoorshave made a super handy video on their YouTube channel where they run through what you need and how to go about re-proofing your jacket! They have lightning fast same day delivery in Dublin too if you need to pick up some new proofer! Check out our story for the link and get proofing!

Day 22 – Do yoga or an outdoor workout

Try yoga or do an outdoor workout! The next few days are going to be intense and we know that you may “not have time” to get outside today but we encourage you to roll out the mat, go for a jog, a walk or maybe a DIY HIIT workout in the garden. It’s essential for us to keep moving in winter for many reasons but most importantly so that we can eat lots of yummy food with the satisfaction of having moved our bodies earlier that day! We are big fans of the Yoga with Adrienne YouTube Channel for our yoga fix! There are also lots of Irish yoga instructors that give in person beginner and online classes! Do a little bit of research!

Day 23 – Discuss or journal your 2023 goals

Discuss your 2023 goals with someone or write them down! We love the practice of planning out our year around Christmas time! Being surrounded by loved ones and nearing the end of the calendar year feels like an excellent time to reflect on the year you have had and look forward to a brand new one!

Day 24 – See if you can see Santa!

We have come to the end of our Outsider Adventure Calendar! Thank you to everyone who took part over the past 24 days! As a little thank you to all you Outsiders everyone who fills out this form will be entered into a draw to win a Christmas present bundle from us including:
An @outsider.ie enamel camp mug
A @kambukka_ireland travel mug
A pair of @saxxunderwear
Be sure to get outside over Christmas 🎄

By Matthew McConnell

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