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There are so many options for athletes nowadays when it comes to recovery creams. A brand that in our opinion stands head and shoulders above the rest is Nuasan. Nuasan is an Irish ethical sustainable natural skincare on body care brand that is based out of Galway, that offers a natural alternative for athletes to the many skincare and muscle recovery products on the market.

Nuasan makes a range of products. We have been using the Nuasan Active Body Moisturiser, Active CBD Muscle Gel, Active Body Wipes, Active Foot Care and Active Body Wash to aid recovery between training sessions. 

What did we think of it?

Overall we were impressed by the Nuasan products. We found that they became a welcome part of our recovery practice following more challenging training sessions, long days spent on our feet, or even just as a skincare ritual. There is a product for nearly all applications.

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The range and their benefits? 

The cornerstone of Nuasan’s range of products is the Active CBD Muscle Gel. Having used this product for the past few weeks we would say that it should be used occasionally. The max strength CBD (500mg) along with the plant extracts give a warming relief to sore or aching muscles following strenuous exercise. However, we found that daily use of this product was not necessary and that it should be saved for your harder days or for injured muscles or joints. Regarding the timing of the application of this, we found the best time to apply this was after a shower following your final training session/outing of the day, at least an hour before bed. 

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The Active Body Wipes are an excellent item to have in your kit bag for the end of a gym session, bike ride, hike, or hard run. Their natural ingredients of peppermint, bamboo, and aloe freshen you up and set you up for the next task in your day. We found these particularly useful on days when training was followed by another task and we weren’t able to shower before.

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If we were able to shower after our sessions though, The Active Body Wash was just the ticket. Not only does it recharge sore muscles and hydrate and refresh your skin, but it also leaves you with less chance of acne or other skin issues and feeling fresh all day thanks to its unique natural antibacterial properties.

The Active Foot Care is perhaps not one of the items you would be as drawn to, however, our feet are more often than not the medium by which we exercise, so we have to look after them! Two or three sprays per foot per day will help prevent nail fungus or athlete’s foot, soften hard skin and control foot odour. You can also spray the Active Foot Care directly into your footwear or socks for added protection. A good habit that we have developed is spraying it into our rock climbing shoes before each session!

Our favourite product from the range, however, was the Active Body Moisturiser. We kept finding ourselves reaching for the Active Body Moisturiser after almost every training session. The practice of massaging a natural moisturiser into your tired muscles after each session we found not only left our skin feeling great but with the magnesium and arnica our muscles felt like they recovered a bit quicker also.


Nuasan is a sustainably-minded brand too. Here are just a few things that they are doing to conduct their business more sustainably.

  1. 75% of Nuasan’s bottles are made using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and are recyclable (we are working hard to source a recycled plastic version for all our bottles!). This means we are taking plastic out of the environment instead of adding to it.
  2. All products are free from sulphates (SLS & SLES), parabens, colorants, silicones, ethanolamines (mea/dea/tea), polyteterafluoroethylene (PTFE), nanoparticles or micro-plastics.
  3. Our boxes and packaging are made from recycled paper. Please recycle them!
  4. We are working on refills so that you can get your favourite products sent to you with less packaging.
  5. We are donating 10% of profits to climate change groups
  6. Our HQ office is powered solely by wind power, we have a zero-waste policy and we compost.
  7. All products are vegan and cruelty-free.
  8. Our Nuasan Active Body Wipes are biodegradable.

If you want to read more about their sustainability practices you can check out their website here.


By Matthew McConnell

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