We’ve rounded up the hottest new watersports gear that will guarantee you have the best summer of your life!

Make the most of the good weather by investing in an SUP, inflatable kayak or just a good set of wetsuits for you and the family! Once you get out on the water, you’ll never look back.

1. The Irish Sea Swim Map

Price: €33.95 – €189.95 depending on size, print type and frame.


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What better way to start off the list than a map of all the best sea swimming locations around Ireland? With sea swimming becoming increasingly popular in Ireland and the water getting warmer coming into summer this is the best investment (or gift) for any sea swimmer.

Check it Out: Malin & Mizen

2. Swim Secure Dry Bag Medium 28l

Price: €45.00

swim secure dry bag

Summer is the perfect time to start your sea swimming career as the water is just that little bit warmer. Now if you’re like us and absolutely hate leaving your phone, keys, wallet, etc on the beach while you swim then this is the perfect investment for you.

This dry bag will allow you to keep all your belongings with you as you swim and even doubles as a buoy that can support an adult’s weight should you be out of your depth and need a rest mid-swim.

Check it Out: Portwest

3. NSP Protech Funboard Surfboard 7ft 6in

Price: €465.00

nsp fun board

As the name suggests this board is designed to be FUN and it does not disappoint. It paddles easily and catches waves early, allowing you to get up and shredding those waves more often and with less effort. Some would call it the ideal weekend warrior board. One of the most popular NSP boards for progressing your surfing skills and it’s Ecoboard certified which means it’s a high-performance sustainable board.

Check it Out: Surfdock

4. ION Amaze 2.5mm Shorty Womens Wetsuit

Price: €105.95

ion shorty wetsuit

This is the perfect Summer wetsuit, combining practicality with fashion. This 2.5mm thick neoprene wetsuit will keep you warm in the summer water and also add a pop of colour to your swim.

Check it Out: Surfdock

5. Dryrobe Organic Cotton Towel Robe

Price: €60.00

dry robe cotton towel

Now that summer’s here, it’s time to ditch the changing robe and hop into a towel robe after your swim or surf instead. Towel robes are much lighter and compact than a standard changing robe, much more suited to summer months.

Check it Out: Surfdock

6. Fanatic Fly Air Pure – 9ft 8in – SUP Package

Price: €550.00

fanatic fly air pure inflatable SUp package

This is one of the best value stand up paddle board (SUP) packages out there and the perfect board if you’re new to the sport. Fanatic is known for its lightweight boards and you’ll be able to experience this first hand while you carry everything included in this package around in a backpack.

Included in the package is a Fanatic Fly Air Pure 9’8 inflatable paddle board, a Fanatic Fly Air 19.5cm fin, a Fanatic power pump HP2, a leash, and a Fanatic pure adjustable 3 piece paddle.

Check it Out: Surfdock

7. Aqua Marina Memba 390 Touring (2022) 12’10” 2 Person Kayak

Price: €549.00

aqua marine memba 390

Everything about this inflatable kayak is perfect for adventure lovers. It’s lightweight, folds into the accompanying backpack, and the design of the kayak allows for effortless paddling. It’s also built to last thanks to the heavy-duty shell fabric equipped with UV and water repellent treatment. It also feels super stable when you are in the kayak which is an important consideration to make when choosing an inflatable kayak as some can feel a little flimsy. The cargo bungee on the front allows you to easily stash your kit so you can head out on longer adventures!

Check it Out: Micks Garage

8. Aqua Marina Monster 12’0″ SUP Paddle Board

Price: €549.00

This all-round SUP starter model is perfect for people who are looking to start paddle boarding. At 12ft it is the largest model in Micks Garage’s All-Round range and can support up to 170kg. It specifically caters to those looking to bring more luggage with them on their travels and can be equipped with a seat if wanted.

Weighing in at 10.1 kg, it comes with a backpack to carry it.

Check it Out: Micks Garage

9. Surflogic Waterproof Phone Case

Price: €25.00

surflogic phone cover

A must have piece of water sports gear for anyone wanting to bring their phone with them out swimming, kayaking or SUPing. This cover allows you to use your phone through the cover for amazing videos and pictures of your underwater adventures.

Check it Out: Surfdock

10. Red Original Roll Top Dry Bag – 60 litre

Price: €56.00


Roll top dry bags are perfect for a family day out at the beach, multi-day expeditions, and anything in between. There is no better way to keep your valuables and equipment safe from sand, dirt and water. The 60 litre bag can even store a tent and sleeping bag so you can have peace of mind that you’ll be hoping into nice and dry accommodation when you find your camping spot.

Check it Out: Surfdock

11. The Irish Surf Map

Price: €27.95 – €199.95 depending on size and hanger.


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Another perfect gift from Malin & Mizen. Why not treat the surfer in your life to the Irish Surf Map showcasing all the best surf spots around Ireland.

Check it Out: Malin & Mizen

12. FCS Surf Bucket

Price: €30.00

fsc surf bucket

Often overlooked, but any surfer or swimmer will tell you that a surf bucket is one of the best pieces of water sports gear that you can get. Not only does it make carrying your gear down to the beach easier, it also keeps your car clean by ensuring all your wet and sandy gear stays in the bucket and not thrown all over the car.

Check it Out: Surfdock

13. Portwest Atlantic Surf Booties 3mm

Price: €36.00

portwest booties

Booties are a must-have for everyone looking to brave the water all year around. They just make everything about sea swimming, surfing and other watersports so much more enjoyable. Not only do they protect the soles of your feet from rocks and shells, they also keep your toes warm. They are, without a doubt, the best small investment you can make.

Check it Out: Portwest

14. Typhoon Changing Mat

Price: €20.00

2021 Typhoon Changing Mat Bag

Often overlooked, changing mats are an absolute must to ensure you don’t get left sandy or muddy feet when getting back into your clothes. They can also act as a way to keep your clean kit off of the ground while you are changing. This one is particularly good as it is both lightweight and folds up for easy transportation.

Check it Out: Portwest

15. O’Neill Epic 2mm DL Glove

Price: €33.00

o neill epic 2mm dl glove

You won’t find a better pair of neoprene gloves out there. As most of you know its your hands and feet that often get too cold forcing you out of the water on that hot summer day. These gloves will leave you feeling invincible in the water and never wanting to get out.

Check it Out: Surfdock

By Killian Andersen

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