Best Triathlons Ireland

20 of the Best Triathlons in Ireland

Whether it’s your first or your 500th triathlon, these are the best 20 Ireland has to offer, ranging from your sprint to your middle distance.
Tips for adventure racing

Adventure Racing: 5 things to know before your First Race

Thinking of stepping it up a notch and trying an adventure race? Here are five things you need to know before you take the plunge.
Climbing Mt Damāvand

Scaling Mount Damāvand, Iran’s Highest Peak

Al Martin shares his fascinating journey to the summit of Iran's highest peak, Mount Damāvand, with one of the country's most established mountaineers.
Edurne Pasaban K2

Meet the First Woman in the World to Conquer the 7 Summits

We caught up with Edurne Pasaban to talk about her incerdible achievement, becoming the first woman in the world to conquer the 7 summits.
Gavin Hennigan conquers the Atlantic

Ride of a Lifetime: Gavan Hennigan Solo Rows the Atlantic

Veteran adventurer Gavin Hennigan's latest adventure saw him row across the Atlantic Ocean solo. We caught up with him to hear how it went.
The GR20: Everything you need to know

Hiking the GR20: Everything you Need to Know

Thinking about walking the world-famous GR20, but don’t know where to begin? Our guide covers everything you need to know before your trek.
GR20 Top Tips

GR20: The Highs and Lows of One of Europe’s Toughest Treks

Thinking about doing the GR20, one of Europe's toughest treks? You need to read this first, this was the experience of three thru-hikers who took it on.
Caffeine for athletic performance

Is Caffeine Beneficial for Athletic Performance?

Former professional road cyclist and Sports Performance Nutrition lecturer Danielle Clay tells us once and for all if caffeine is beneficial for athletic performance.
medoc marathon

Medoc Marathon: Could you Run a Marathon while Drinking Wine?

Want to run a marathon, but want to have a bit of craic while doing it, then the Medoc Marathon is for you, with wine drinking & thongs, it's a scream!
Open Water Swimming: All Year Around

Open Water Swimming: All Year Round

Get out the pool and dive into your nearest lake, river, or ocean and embrace open water swimming 365 days a year. Here’s what you need to know!