A new film by Galway screenwriter Elizabeth O’Halloran opens in Irish cinemas tomorrow. The stunning feature called Edie stars BAFTA nominee Sheila Hancock in the lead role as an older woman who at 83 tries to reclaim her life by climbing a mountain in Scotland.

The film which is called Edie is set in Scotland. It is about an 83-year-old woman named Edie, a cantankerous climber, who against her daughter’s wishes attempts to fulfil a life-long dream she long thought impossible – to climb a demanding mountain in the Scottish Highlands. Edie employs Jonny (Kevin Guthrie) to help her prepare for the gruelling climb ahead. A friendship blossoms between them and what ensues is a funny and often inspiring story, set against the stunning backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.

Watch the trailer below:

Edie opens at cinemas across Ireland on Friday 25th May 2018.

By Orla Ó Muirí

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By Orla O'Muiri

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