This week we’re loving the very hip, yet very functional helmet known as the Ribcap.

RibCap – Protective Hat

Price: €86.00 – 89.00


There are very few of us that love putting on a helmet when enjoying our favourite outdoor activities. They are clunky, it’s very hard to look cool wearing them and they give you helmet hair. Alas, they are a necessity and all of those negatives pale into insignificance when you know that they can save your life.

But we have finally found a super slick alternative for certain sports! The Ribcap is designed as a regular beanie but underneath it is kitted out with integrated protective pads. While hard material either holds its form or breaks on impact, viscoelastic material reshapes itself and so absorbs the impact energy.

The Ribcap is suitable for any sport or activity where you would normally wear a hat or beanie and where a helmet is not obligatory. They’re foldable, comfortable, stowable and look the part… what more could you ask for?


More info: RibCap

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By Orla O'Muiri

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