Are you in the market for a lightweight insulated jacket, but just don’t have any idea which one to choose? Fear not! We’ve put some of the most popular lightweight jackets to the test in order to help you find the perfect jacket for your next adventure.

Patagonia Micro Puff

Price: €280

Weight weenies, this one is for you. The Micro Puff is a synthetic option offering one of the best weight to warmth ratios on the market.

Lightweight insulated jacket

Warmth: On first inspection, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Micro Puff is a down jacket. It has the same light, lofty feel of premium goose down, but is in fact filled with a revolutionary synthetic alternative known as PlumaFill.

At just 252g for the men’s size medium, it’s feather-light, making it seriously appealing for multi-day hikers or endurance racers. However, we were a little disappointed to find that it just isn’t quite as cosy as its down counterparts. That said, you can’t forget that the advantage of synthetic over down is that it retains heat when wet.

Features: A lot of effort has been put into the packability of this jacket. The Micro Puff fits into its own pocket with ease.

Elsewhere, I really like the hand warmer pockets. They are generously sized and there are an additional two drop-in style pockets on the inside of the jacket.

The hood is sleek and very comfortable, offering a good level of protection around the ears and face. I am often a little wary when there is no toggle to adjust the hood, but I actually found that the combination of the tall collar and the soft elasticated face kept the hood firmly in place.

Appearance: The slightly shiny appearance of the Micro Puff might not be to everyone’s tastes, but I quite like it. The jacket has a nice slim fit and comes up pretty true to size.

Overall verdict: As a synthetic alternative to down, I did find myself really liking this jacket. It fits well, weighs almost nothing and is pretty cosy. My one reservation is durability. As you would expect with a jacket of this weight, the outer seems a little on the flimsy side. That said, Patagonia do offer a great guarantee and repair service so it will be a jacket for life if you want it to be.

Available from/order through: Patagonia Outlet Store, Dublin.


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