Nothing says I love you quite as well as a delicious home-baked cake. And if you can make it themed then your brownie points are set to soar! We trawled the internet for the very best adventurous cakes to give you a little inspiration for you loved one’s next birthday cake!  

1. Happy Hiker

This cake is perfect for the hiking obsessed mountain man (or woman!) in your life. Put your fondant making skills to the test by moulding a tiny hiker and setting them atop the most delicious mountain.

Happy hiker cake


2. Campfire delights

What’s more fun than camping? Eating a campfire themed cake, complete with toasted marshmallows that’s what!

Campfire delights cake


3. Mountain Biker’s Dream

Test out your frosting skills with this adorable mountain biking themed cake!

Mountain Bikers Dream


4. Autumnal Vibes

Those with serious skills in the kitchen can make this awesome and delicious looking cake for their trail blazing loved one.

Autumnal vibes cake


5. The Wipeout

Poke fun at your favourite cyclist’s past mistakes with a sugary model of their latest wipe-out.

The clumsy cyclist cake


6. Family camping trips

This perfect little family look good enough to eat! YUM!

snuggly camping cake

7. War Wounds

If you never fall off, you simply haven’t been pushing yourself hard enough! Reward the ballsy cyclist in your life by paying homage to his or her mishaps!

War Wounds cyclist cake

8. Perfect paddler

Reward the kayaker in your life with sugary blue icing waters and a fiery red fondant kayak.

kayaking themed cake

9. Fisherman’s friend

Fishing is fun and relaxing, but even better when there’s dessert waiting at home!

Fishing themed cake

10. Road trippin’

If your loved one enjoys heading for the hills when it comes to the weekends, then this cake is definitely the one for them!

Mountain landscape themed cake

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