Ready to feel a bit sick in your stomach? Have a look at the video below of the quite frankly shocking scenes of abandoned tents and waste at the weekend’s Electric Picnic.

Hungover and tired partygoers trudged out of Stradbally on Monday leaving devastation in their wake. It is estimated that ten kilograms of waste per visitor was left behind at this year’s Electric Picnic.  The disgusting statistic comes from the environmental group Friends of the Earth.

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The group said that a lot of the festival goers may be under the illusion that the abandoned tents will go to the homeless. When in reality many of the tents are unusable. “There are too many tents in too poor a condition for charities to be able to pack and use them,” said Cara Augustenborg of Friends of the Earth.

Only 1% of the waste generated in the campsites was recycled over the weekend. Bulldozers are currently collecting the waste where it will then be sent to landfills and incinerators.

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By Orla O'Muiri

  1. September 12, 2018

    I can’t believe that people have such little regard for our shared planet.

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