Rodrigo Koxa, a surfer from Brazil, broke the Guinness World Record for riding the biggest wave in the world!

On 8 November 2017, Koxa rode a 24.38-meter (80 foot) wave at Nazare beach in Portugal. It was the largest wave in history ever to be surfed!

On the same day, British surfer Andrew Cotton fell from his surfboard at Nazare beach and suffered intense injuries including a broken vertebra. At the WSL Big Wave Awards in Santa Monica, California, Cotton was recognised for Wipeout of the Year.

The World Surf League also confirmed Koxa’s accomplishment at the event. He surpassed the previous record of largest wave surfed at 23.77 meters (78 feet) set in 2011 by American surfer Garrett McNamara.

Check out the insane ride below:

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