Hiking and walking is a fantastic way to get up, get out and get active with the whole family. But, if you’re a family that needs a buggy, it can be hard to find trails that accommodate strollers for your little ones. Here are five of the best walks in Dublin that are buggy accessible: so lace up your trainers and take your kids out for an active afternoon!

1. Ardgillian Castle Walk

Your family will adore the wide open, beautiful landscape of Ardgillian Castle in North County Dublin. Built in the 17th century, the Ardgillian Castle stands tall on the impeccably lush green grass overlooking the Irish Sea. The view itself looks over Rockbail Lighthouse, Colt Church, the Shenick and Lambay islands and the Mourne Mountains. But the most stunning of all is the castles many beautiful gardens.

The Parkland Walk is a short, easy, pleasant walk of about 2.5km through the park’s woodland and meadows. It passes the castle, the Walled Garden, the Rose Garden, the Ice House, and even the playground (for if your kids get a little restless in the buggy!).

2. The River Dodder Trail

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The River Dodder leisurely meanders for about 9km from the Port of Dublin to Rathfarnham. A well-marked walking path follows this beautiful river where you can see small waterfalls and hear the wildlife around the river as the water babbles over the exposed rocks. The track is in very good condition and is suitable for buggies — and the foliage and greenery are sure to make for a relaxing walk with your family.

For more information on this trail, visit WalkingRoutes.ie.

3. Pheonix Park

The Phoenix Park is the largest enclosed public park in any capital city in Europe, and it provides an amazing getaway from the bustling concrete jungle without even leaving the city! At the park, you can find many kid-friendly attractions like the Zoological Gardens and the Victorian flower gardens. The park is also home to many paths and trails that are perfect for buggies and families. Take a stroll around the Glen Pond, and maybe let your kids feed the ducks! Pheonix Park is a perfect place to spend an active afternoon with your family!
Find out more about this park on their website!

4. Ticknock Fairy Castle Loop

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For those of you who are looking for a bit of a buggy-pushing challenge, then the Fairy Castle Loop at Ticknock is for you! Although the path is packed tarmac, it is very steep, so you’ll definitely be feeling the burn in your calves as you push the buggy on up. On your way around, you will see the Fairy Castle, breathtaking views of Dublin, Three Rock Mountain and even the Wicklow Mountains. Try to go on a bright, sunny day so you can really appreciate the views from the top. Oh, and remember to bring water, because pushing a buggy up will really have you working up a sweat.

[Note: the last little bit of this hill might prove difficult to push a buggy up because of the rough terrain!]

5. Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle and Gardens in Dublin offers an array of walking trails around their 22 acres of land that are all suitable for buggies. The older parts of this castle date all the way back to the 12th century, and their easy-to-navigate paths take you all around it so you can soak in the history and the beauty of the land and architecture. The land also has a playground for when your kids want to depart the buggy and stretch their legs and bit!


By Bri Doherty

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