Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP boarding is fast becoming a favourite activity of outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you want to get out to an island for a picnic or just want to go for a splash with friends, having a SUP board is sure to increase the time you spend on the water!

What do we use them for?

Stand Up Paddle Boards are excellent ways to get out on the water! We love using SUPs as a way of getting outdoors and exploring while letting go of any expectations of covering distance or going fast. Just getting out for a splash with friends, falling in, jumping in, and having a good time.

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Why do we like it?

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The Fusion SUP from Aqua Marina is a great go-between board as it is stable enough for relaxing on but light enough that it is not too cumbersome. When it comes to making any large investment in outdoor equipment we always like to advise people to get the most versatile option. Doing so will mean you can have the full range of experiences in an activity and then can decide if you want a more “specialist” version a few years down the line.

Who would we recommend it to?

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We would recommend the Fusion SUP to anyone that is curious about Stand Up Paddleboarding! There are many other types of boards available. The 12” Monster SUP from Aqua Marina is the larger cousin which is perfect for the less confident paddler while the 9”10 Breeze SUP from Aqua Marina is slightly lighter and easier to go further on.

More information

The Aqua Marina Fusion is a great All Round starter model, suitable for people that want to start paddleboarding for the first time.

Fusion Specification:
Model: Aqua Marina Fusion 10′ 10″
Board Size: 330 x 81 x 15 cm (10′ 10″ x 32″ x 6″)
Volume: 320 Litres
Net Weight: 19.0 lbs / 8.6 Kg
Max. Payload: 330 Lbs / 150 Kg
Max. Air Pressure: 15 psi

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