With the water getting warmer and the sun really coming out now, we think it’s time to look at some of the best SUPs available!

Whether you’re a seasoned stand-up paddle boarder or new to the sport, this article is a must-read before investing in your new summer sup.

1. Fanatic Fly Air Pure – 9ft 8in – SUP Package

Price: €550.00

fanatic fly air pure inflatable SUp package

This is one of the best value stand up paddle board (SUP) packages out there and the perfect board if you’re new to the sport. Fanatic is known for its lightweight boards and you’ll be able to experience this firsthand while you carry everything included in this package around in a backpack.

Included in the package is a Fanatic Fly Air Pure 9’8 inflatable paddle board, a Fanatic Fly Air 19.5cm fin, a Fanatic power pump HP2, a leash, and a Fanatic pure adjustable 3 piece paddle.

It’s worth noting that the 9’8″ is the smallest size the Fanatic Fly Air Pure inflatable paddle board comes in, but it boasts lots of volume (213 litre), making it a great all-round paddleboard for anyone with a weight up to 85kg.

Buy Now: Surfdock


2. Aqua Marina Monster 12’0″ SUP Paddle Board

Price: €549.00

8. Aqua Marina Monster 12'0" SUP Paddle Board

This all-round SUP starter model is perfect for people who are looking to start paddle boarding. At 12ft it is the largest model in Micks Garage’s All-Round range and can support up to 170kg. It specifically caters to those looking to bring more luggage (or kids!!) with them on their travels and can be equipped with a seat if wanted.

Weighing in at 10.1 kg, it comes with a backpack to carry it.

Buy Now: Micks Garage

3. NSP Elements Cruise Paddle Board 10ft 2in

Price: €1,125.00

NSP Elements Cruise Paddle Board 10ft 2in

The Elements Cruise Paddle Board is the first solid SUP on the list and is one of the most popular SUPs in the NSP range. This is mainly down to its forgiving shape that gives the board great stability when crossing bodies of water.

This board is one of the best value and most durable SUPs on the market, allowing you to enjoy it for many years to come. Truly a great investment if you are really looking to get into stand up paddle boarding.

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4. Fanatic All Wave Surf Paddle Board 8ft 11in

Price: €1,400.00

Fanatic All Wave Surf Paddle Board 8ft 11in

This SUP is designed for intermediate wave SUPers who want to catch wave after wave on a stable paddle board. Improvements to the shape of the board this year have greatly enhanced the All Wave’s stability while increasing maneuverability and wave riding performance.

If you’ve grown tired of the still water paddle boarding and want to move onto choppier waters, we highly recommend this SUP.

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5. Aqua Marina Fusion SUP 2020 Model

Price: €319.99

Aqua Marina Fusion SUP 2020 Model

Micks Garage are selling off their older models of the Aqua Marina Fusion so if you’re looking for value then this is the SUP for you. The Fusion is a great starter board for any beginner and at this price, it’s without a doubt the best value board you will find on the market.

This complete SUP package comes with everything you could possibly need to start your paddle boarding career including a backpack, double-action pump, a paddle, a slide-in centre fin, and a safety leash.

This deal is available for a limited time only while stocks last.

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By Killian Andersen

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