Product We Love – A Week with the Leatherman Signal

We spent a week with the Leatherman Signal attached to our waist and took note of every time we used it. We were shocked by how useful it was!

By Matthew McConnell

To The Test: Craghoppers Anderson Cagoule

Looks good, performs well, feature packed? Can the Craghoppers Anderson Cagoule rain jacket do it all? The results are in...

By Matthew McConnell

Orbea Optima E50 - GreenAer Electric Bike

Buying an Electric Bike (E-Bike): Everything You Need to Know

Since e-bikes hit the market many avid bike users have viewed them as a threat to the cycling culture in Ireland, but in reality, they are far from it. Electric bikes offer a new way of commuting accessible to people of many ability levels and are environmentally friendly.

By Killian Andersen

To The Test: Great Outdoors Boot Fit Service

A custom boot fit is really valuable for all hikers. We visited Great Outdoors in Dublin to experience their custom boot fit service!

By Matthew McConnell

Meindl Boots

Every Hiker Should Have a Bespoke Boot Fitting: Here’s Why

If you invest in just one piece of hiking kit, we strongly advise that you start with a good pair of hiking boots. 

By Killian Andersen

Hiking boots on Carrauntoohill

Essential Hiking Kit for Your Next Adventure Holiday

There's no better feeling than jetting off on an adventure holiday, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to bring. Well, not anymore!

By Killian Andersen

To The Test: The Klean Kanteen Food Box Complete Set

Tired of your Tupperware breaking? We put this Klean Kanteen metal alternative to the test! Here is what we found!

By Matthew McConnell

GreenAer cover image

6 of the Best Electric Cargo Bikes

Are you looking for a more environmentally friendly way to get you and your family around the city? Or are you setting up a business that needs the capability to transport goods from place to place?

By Killian Andersen

Orbea Optima E50 - GreenAer Electric Bike

Electric Bikes: 10 of the Best

How many times have you sat in gridlocked traffic during your daily commute or decided not to go on a cycle for fear that you wouldn't be able to make it up a steep hill? These problems are a thing of the past with electric bikes.

By Killian Andersen

Bangor Trail

Who Killed Viewranger? A New App for Hikers, That’s What

Hiiker offers you all of the information you need on 1000s of backpacking and hiking trails in Ireland and further afield.

By Outsider


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