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The Leatherman Surge is one of the largest multi-tools available. It is the tool with the most extensive set of pliers in the Leatherman range and it is also one of the tools with the longest multi-tool blades on the market. A mind-boggling 21 tool selection, a sheath, and a sturdy metal design. Is the Leatherman Surge the ultimate multi-tool? We put it to the test!

An Overview

We will not individually walk through all of the unique features of the Leatherman Surge as that would take a while! However, we will highlight a few of our favourite features and stand-out functions on the Leatherman Surge:

Blade selection

There are 3 unique blades for you to choose from on the Leatherman Surge. A 3.5” fine-edged blade, a 3.5” fully-serrated blade, and a replaceable saw blade, that can be swapped out with a jigsaw blade when it wears out. All of the blades feature a liner lock.


The saw attachment can be removed from the tool and replaced with the provided two-sided file. We love to see this level of customization in a tool of this quality.


In our opinion, this is perhaps one of the most useful things to have on a multi-tool. We were very pleasantly surprised to see a tool like this on the Leatherman Surge. The scissors tool is locking and is incredibly functional. We have used it on more than one occasion to snip a loose thread from a jacket or to cut open a food packet when a knife would likely make a mess of it.

The Pliers and Screwdrivers

There is truly no compromise with the pliers on the Leatherman Surge. They perform as well as a purpose-built set of pliers. In my day-to-day life, apart from bike maintenance, I only have a little use for pliers. I have used the wire cutters on the Leatherman Surge for brake cables and gear cables on my road bike, and I have used the pliers to tighten bolts on my mountain bike. I have also been able to use the wide variety of screwdriver bits available on the Leatherman Surge for various jobs for maintaining my bike during winter.

The Sheath

The sheath that comes with the Leatherman Surge is really excellent. Not only does it hold the tool securely, thanks to the elasticated material, but it also has an internal pocket for spare tools such as the saw blade. The sheath also has space for a pencil or a pen or a similar slimline tool on the side.

Who is it for?

We believe that the Leatherman Surge is best suited for somebody that needs a sturdy durable reliable multi-tool on their waist at all times. Perhaps people who work predominantly outdoors or in the construction industry could benefit from having a tool like this at their disposal.

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By Matthew McConnell

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