There’s more to Ziploc bags then just storing your mum’s leftovers. You’ll find plenty of uses for them in the great outdoors too.

Ziploc bags are your best friends when it comes to packing light and efficiently. They cover so many bases and have so many uses and will save your bacon on countless occasions. They’ll help you back efficiently, eat better, and keep your essentials safe from the elements. This all comes at a fraction of the cost of bespoke designed camping products.

12 Clever Uses for Ziploc Bags in the Outdoors

1. Map cover

If you’re old school enough to still be using your ordnance survey map (and you should be!) then keeping it dry is essential. A Ziploc bag is perfect for keeping your map open on the right section and protected from the elements.

2. Travel eggs

If you’re a sucker for a good breakfast then pre-whisk your eggs into an omelette mixture and store in a Ziploc bag. Come morning you can pour it straight into the frying pan.

3. Keeping your electronics dry

Avoid suffering a frizzled iPhone by keeping your phone and other electronics in a Ziploc bag. You’ll struggle to use some touch screens through the plastic but at least they’ll survive in one piece.

4. Rain cover

In case of emergency an extra-large Ziploc can bail you out in the case of a downpour. Ziploc bags go up to a gallon size meaning you can store plenty of goods inside there. In a real pickle drape it over your head as well though obviously be well aware of the suffocation risk.

5. Pre-prepared food

Ziploc bags are great for storing pre-prepared food in them, particularly marinated meats. Simply knock them up in advance and then cook when ready.

6. Compartmentalisation

If you like to keep things organised in your rucksack, then Ziploc bags are a great help. Bring multiple bags for clothes, electricals, and other accessories. They’re extra useful for keeping damp or wet items of clothing (like socks) separate from things you want to keep dry and clean.

7. Fly repellent

Fill a Ziploc bag with water, lime juice, salt, and a couple of copper coins and marvel as your camp stays fly free.

Another trick that wards away flies is a Ziploc bag filled with water with a couple of coins dropped in. The flies are scared off by what they perceive to be a large body of water and get confused by the reflection of the sun hitting the water and the coins!! Simply hang your bag from a nearby tree!

8. Ultra-light pillow

Inflate your Ziploc bag and seal, then wrap in a jumper and rest easy on your makeshift pillow.

9. Toiletries bag

Store your toothpaste, toothbrush, and other products inside a Ziploc bag to stop unfortunate spillages or leaks. Extra useful when you’re crossing borders as well and need to empty your bag.

10. Storing waste

Ziploc bags are ideal for storing your waste and taking it home with you. The bags will keep odours and fluids locked away until you reach somewhere you can dispose of your waste properly.

11. Scooping up water

Filling up a hydration bladder while out and about can be a pain the backside. However, keep a Ziploc bag to hand and it means you can scoop water right out of the river and into your pack. They are also very handy if you need to treat the water first!

12. They make a great sieve

Pasta is a go-to for a lot of us when we are camping. However, not all of our camping pots are graced with the handy little hole on the top to drain the water out. Simply piece a Ziploc back with a few holes and pour your pasta straight in – simple!!

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