These stunning van conversions will inspire you to get out and start living the #vanlife.

Has the thought ever crossed your mind to sack in the day job, tell the landlord charging you a small fortune to get stuffed and to simply live in a van?

Well, it’s crossed our mind on more than one occasion, and these van conversions will certainly leave you foaming at the mouth. They will have you seriously considering the #vanlife… or on a more practical, less dramatic level, they are the perfect weekend adventure mobiles.

Vanlife is quickly becoming a way of life around the globe. It is the perfect solution to playing all day long and not having to shell out on a nights accommodation. Increasingly people are making a viable living out of it, whether it be working remotely from the back of their van or using Instagram and blogs to make their income. Whatever you are worried about; how to live the van life, the cost of it, etc., we’re guessing it can’t be much more expensive or harder than the life you are living right now!

Our only problem is that these badass adventure mobiles aren’t Irish, and we want to change that! So send us in snaps of your van conversion to be featured.

But for now, check out our gallery of some of the best van conversions from around the globe!

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By Orla O'Muiri

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