Studies have shown that in a school setting, holding class outside in nature has extremely positive effects on children in terms of increasing attention span, confidence and leadership skills.

This autumn, Leave No Trace Ireland is proudly sponsoring Outdoor Classroom Day, a global initiative led by Learning Through Landscapes in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and internationally led by Project Dirt. On November 1, schools taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day will take their classes outside, prioritising playtime and teaching lessons in the great outdoors. Last year, 350,000 children took part in this initiative in the UK, and 1,679,307 participated globally.

Back to the Basics: Outdoor Schools and Programmes Building Confidence and Promoting Well-Being

Of the districts that participated in the Outdoor Classroom Day in 2017, 90% of teachers who got involved said that children were more engaged in their learning, and 72% said that they were better able to concentrate after learning outdoors.

Leave No Trace is urging people to register for this November’s campaign in order to help spread the word about this diverse learning opportunity. Parents and supporters can sign up here and can refer to Leave No Trace’s bank of free resources to help get the gears rolling on getting the kids outside.


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By Heather Snelgar

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