This week, we fell in love with the new, sustainable, eco-friendly Cora Ball, a laundry ball that is cleaning up our oceans one wash-load at a time!

Cora Ball

Price: €26

Cora Ball

A massive, detrimental problem is being caused by tiny, microscopic particles each and every day – and not many people know about it. Every time someone does their laundry, tiny microfibres (including plastic) shed off of our clothes and get flushed down with the excess water, streaming directly into our waterways and harming our ecosystems.

The Cora Ball was designed to stop this unhealthy pollution. Inspired by the filtering properties of natural coral in our oceans, the Cora Ball goes in with your normal load of laundry and floats around in the water while the wash runs, filtering the water and picking up the tiny pieces microfibre by catching them in the ball’s stalks.

Every day, trillions of microfibres flow into our oceans every time we use our laundry machines. The Marine Pollution Bulletin states that the Hudson River alone dumps 300 million microfibres into the Atlantic Ocean each day. These fibres are unseen to the naked eye but can cause serious health problems for animals and humans alike.

According to Cora Ball, if just 10% of households in the United States used the Cora Ball, it would be the equivalent of saving over 30 million plasticChec water bottles from washing into the public waterways each year.

It’s super simple – just pop the Cora Ball in with each load of laundry that you do, and after a few washes, clean the lint out from the ball! Doing your part to save the planet has never been so easy!


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By Heather Snelgar

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