You’ve splashed out on the two surfing essentials, now it’s time to expand your surfing arsenal with some of our favourite surf accessories.

You’ve bought your board and wetsuit — think you are done? Think again! There is still the world of bags, fins, grip pads, and leashes to delve into, but as all of that depends on what board you have, we can’t be of much help to you. But there are plenty more surf accessories that you will want to start accumulating over the years to make for a more comfortable and fun surf. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Dryrobe Advance

Price: €114.95

Surf Accessories

Dryrobes take the misery out of the post-surf scramble to get out of your wetsuit and into dry clothes while standing in a parking lot in the elements. They preserve your modesty and prevent heat loss at the same time. This particular poncho is one of the fanciest and best on the market. The Dryrobe has a waterproof and windproof exterior fabric and a lining that keeps you dry and warm. There’s ample room to get changed inside of it, soft lined external pockets, large internal storage pocket and an MP3 player pocket. The zip on the front allows for easy exit and entry and it’s super lightweight, so it can be packed down small into a compression sack. These ones are a tad pricey, so if you are not using them on a weekly basis then a hooded towel will do the job.

Available from: Wild Side Sports

2. Seal Line Baja Dry Bag -10 Litre

Price: €23.99

Surf Accessories

Seal Line has a reputation for being the best drybag makers around. Baja Dry Bags have been proven on rivers, oceans, and ample adventures around the world, they offer complete waterproof protection. Versatile and durable, the heavy-duty fabric and even heavier-duty bottom withstand anything you throw at it. This particular type has a SealLine’s Dry Seal roll-down closure and a D-ring for securing inside a raft or on top of a luggage rack. They come in all sizes, so you can get one just for your valuables or for your whole kit.

Available from: Great Outdoors

3. Xcel Thermal Long Sleeved Polypro

Price: €47.99

Surf Accessories

For all you cold-blooded people out there, a rash vest is a must for that added layer of warmth. This particular one features a 4-way stretch PolyPro fabric and comfortable flatlock seams, allowing for maximum insulation as well as freedom of movement. This is a perfect addition to a wetsuit when you’re diving head first-into some frigid waves, surfboard in tow.

Available from: Wild Side Sports

4. Northcore Changing Mat

Price: €26.99

Surf Accessories

A life saviour in winter when you’re changing out of your wet gear on tarmac and puddles. The Northcore Changing Mat folds out into a flat 1m diameter changing mat that you can stand on while changing. Then throw all the wet gear into the bag, pull up the drawstrings and it’s packed neatly away. The pack is waterproof and heavy duty, so it can be washed down and it won’t leak if a wetsuit is left inside. There’s also a handy tarpee pocket for storing surf wax!

Available from: Wild Side Sports

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5. Solarez Ding Repair Pro Travel Kit

Price: €52

Surf Accessories

This handy repair travel kit has everything you need to fix those dings — provided you know how to use it! The kit has laminating resin, Solarez fiberfil putty, microlite putty, sandpaper, grits, spreader, acetone, S-glass, fiberglass rope, scissors, catalyst, mixing cup, stirring sticks, razor blade and clean-up pads all in a crush-proof travel box.

Available from: Surfworld

6. Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax

Price: €3.50

Surf Accessories

A firm favourite amongst surfers around the world. Wax is essential to a surfer. When applied to the board, the wax allows for more grip and prevents slippage when paddling out in the water or riding a wave. So, get the wax that will last. The one you need for Irish waters is this purple product, which is  suitable for water temperatures of 9-14˚C.

Available from: Wild Side Sports

7. Waxhead Waxbox

Price: €11.50

Surf Accessories

The last thing you want to be rubbing in to your board is sand, grit, and dirt. If your wax is left out on the sand, and that sand will grind in to your surfboard as you wax-up for the day. This handy box will store your wax to protect it from the grime that it can accumulate, and has a built-in patented scraper.

Available from: Wild Side Sports

8. Aquapac Waterproof Key Pouch

Price: €17.50

Surf Accessories

The Aquapac Keymaster is a submersible waterproof case for keeping your valuables safe and on you while you surf. Don’t want to leave your credit card, keys, and money on the beach while you ride the waves? No problem. This case will keep your small belongings safe and concealed during your time on the water — and will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are with you. You can get special ones for your phones as well.

Available from: Great Outdoors

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9. Northcore Hook Up

Price: €14.99

Surf Accessories

This magnetic wetsuit hanger is perfect for hanging your wetsuit on flat metal surfaces.  The “Hook Up” hanger is great for road trips as items can be hung from car hatchbacks and doors. The magnet has a 20kg pull strain which is sturdy enough to easily support a soaking wet 6mm winter wetsuit.

Available from: Wild Side Sports

10. Single Soft Roof Rack

Price: €69.90

Surf Accessories

If your board is too big to fit in your car, then you’ll need a roof rack. These ones are handy to throw up quickly on any car. The Bulldog Single Soft Rack is designed as a temporary roof rack. Sturdy and durable, this rack can fit three surfboards and can fit on any type of car.

Available from: Great Outdoors

11. Alder Sportswear Plasma 7mm Boot

Price: €48.50

Surf Accessories

These booties will keep you in the water for a lot longer without getting cold. At 7mm, glued and blindstitched, these Fast Dry Lined booties from Alder are super warm. The FDL (Fast Dry Lining) dries quickly, has a split and moulded concealed toe, foot strap and flexible sole unit with liquid sealed seams and a reinforced heel and toe.

Available from: Wild Side Sports

12. Alder Sportswear Plasma Fast Dry Mitt

Price: €27.50

Surf Accessories

Some people prefer finger gloves than mitts, but mitts are undoubtedly warmer, so we love them! These mitts are 4.5mm glued and blindstitched neoprene, with Fast Dry Lining, double lined palm, 100% X-Stretch through and super grippy palms. These mitts will keep your circulation going (and keep the feeling from leaving your hands) even in the frigid Irish waters.

Available from: Wild Side Sports

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13. Billabong 2mm Furnace Carbon GBS Hood

Price: €39.95

Surf Accessories

A hood is not the coolest piece of kit, but it is pretty essential in the winter months if you want to stay out in the swell for long periods of time. This 2mm neoprene hood has a furnace carbon fiber lining, a periferal free visor, and an internal manifold for a dryer seal.

Available from: Wild Side Sports

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