Whether you’re a novice cyclist looking for your first pair of stellar kicks to help you push across your first triathlon race line, or an experienced cyclist looking to switch up your kit, finding the right pair of road cycling shoes can be difficult. But, it is important to not rush the process, because the right pair of shoes can make all the difference on your next race or ride. 

At the end of the day, it is your fitness, skill, and determination that will pedal you across the finish line of your race or to the end of a long weekend spin, not your shoes. But, choosing the pair of shoes that fits your needs as a cyclist will mean the difference between having confidence and comfort, or having doubts and unnecessary pain. Here are seven of the best road cycling shoes available today to help you get the most out of every pedal stroke.

Purchasing Cycling Shoes: Everything You Need to Know 

1. Giro Empire E70 Knit Road Shoe

From €185

best road cycling shoes

The new Empire E70 Knit Road blends style and comfort to bring you a lightweight, durable shoe that supports the long distance cyclist on any kind of ride that the day brings. The knitted design creates a soft, sock-like feel when you slip them on to your feet. No matter how high the intensity gets on your ride, the E70 will keep your feet cool and aerated with its breathable design. Also, if it begins to rain, not to worry, the outer shell of the shoe is DWR-treated for water wicking purposes.

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2. Pearl Izumi Pro Leader III Road Shoes

From €180

best road cycling shoes

These shoes are built for both endurance and sprint athletes. With a remarkably thin, seamless upper, the shoe moulds itself to your foot, creating a snug, yet breathable fit. Its “dual-zone Bi-directional” closure system provides the perfect feel on the pedals. As you up your cadence, the integrated power plate increases energy transfer to propel you onward faster and faster. These high-tech shoes are no-nonsense, and willing to go the extra mile if you do.

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3. Shimano RP5 SPD-SL Road Shoes


best road cycling shoes

The Shimano RP5 SPD-SL Road Shoes are designed with comfort in mind. The adjustable closure system provides a customizable fit for whatever instep height and shape you have. Power transfer from foot to pedal is optimized by the lightweight glass fiber reinforced nylon sole with a carbon fiber plate. While some cycling shoes spend too much time focusing on the flashy designs and the administration of the latest possible technology, these shoes are no nonsense, putting all of the emphasis on comfort and performance.

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4. Giro Factor Techlace Road Shoes

From €290

best road cycling shoes

The Factor Techlace, equipped with a carbon composite outsole, adjustable arch support, and heat conductive and anti-microbial properties, is a superb choice for racing and training. The comfortable laces and the convenient strap creates a flexible feel across the top of the foot and allows for a quick and easy pull-to-release out of the shoe. An Easton EC70 carbon composite outsole offers remarkable stiffness so you can push further with every pedal. The shoe is made of “Evofiber,” a material of mesh and microfiber that repels moisture, enhances breathability, contributes to durability, and is easy to clean and dry. The anti-microbial properties of the material eliminate odour-causing bacteria and possible fungus. This shoe will optimize performance and keep you comfortable and stylish while doing so.

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5. dhb Troika Road Shoe

From €50.67

best road cycling shoes

This shoe is perfect for those just getting in to road cycling. The simple Velcro strap closure system allows you to adjust the fit all along the shoe, and makes it easy to readjust during a ride. Plus, the thick tongue lays over the top of the foot to increase comfort when you close the straps. Ventilation and breathability are increased by the perforated holes on the top of the shoe. But, when the weather gets a little colder, the slightly wider width of the shoe allows you to wear a thicker pair of socks to keep your feet nice and toasty.

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6. dhb Aeron Carbon Road Shoe Ratchet


best road cycling shoes

These road shoes are built for those with a need for speed. The carbon sole provides steady stiffness to increase power application on the pedals, and the advanced ratchet closure system secures your foot in the shoe with an even dispersement of pressure. Also, the shoe continually keeps your foot cool, even when the going gets tough. The air vents along the shoe increase breathability and perforated holes on the top of the shoe and along the tongue keep the ride comfortable even in hot weather. There is also a flat footbed which allows you to choose a footbed that suits your specific foot shape.

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7. Bont Vaypor S Road Shoe

From €301

best road cycling shoes

Engineered with efficiency in mind, the Bont Vaypor S Road Shoe works physically and mechanically to help you get the most out of every stroke. All Bont cycling shoes are able to be molded to your specific foot, making them one of the most anatomically accurate shoes available — giving you a customized fit. Extremely durable, but also lightweight, this shoe has the highest strength to weight ratio of any cycling shoe available today. The heel guard has been updated to improve grip, and the material of the shoe has been given more breathable properties, so your feet stay temperature regulated no matter what the weather throws at you.

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