Switzerland is well known for its world-class ski resorts, but did you know it has a lot to offer in summer too? We recently traveled to Interlaken and were blown away by the amazing activities on offer.

Often referred to as Europe’s adventure capital, Switzerland has so much to offer an adventure lover in the summer months. You could visit every year and never tire of the place. In addition to its world-class hiking, mountaineering, and cycling routes, there are also a plethora of other activities on offer that are guaranteed to quench any thrill seeker’s thirst for excitement.

If you are looking to plan your next adventure then read on as Interlaken is the perfect place to base yourself thanks to the abundance of unique and exciting activities on offer.

Here are 7 must-do activities if you take a trip to Interlaken:

1. Take the Funicular up to Harder Kulm

Price: Starting from 34 CHF (€35) for a return ticket

Harder Kulm

Sitting at 1,323m, Harder Kulm is a great place to kick start your Interlaken adventure holiday. The funicular itself is an experience as it whizzes you up the side of the mountain in an angled elevator in a matter of minutes. And once the doors open you are treated to the most amazing view of the surrounding peaks and valleys below. In addition to the great views, this is also a great place to grab a bite to eat. Offering up top-notch Swiss cuisine, the restaurant at Harder Kulm is to die for!

Don’t Miss the platform overlooking Interlaken. With a unique cow sculpture for company, you will feel on top of the world as you peer over the edge of the platform to the sheer drop into the valley below.

More Info: Harder Kulm – Top of Interlaken

2. Take a Tour of the Canyon

Price: From 152 CHF (€158)

Swiss Adventure Holiday Canyoning

The 50-metre abseil at the start of this canyoning adventure really sets the tone for the rest of the day – it is full of thrills and even a few spills as you navigate your way through this magnificent canyon. Accompanied by the experienced guides at Outdoor Interlaken, we spent the day negotiating natural slides, cliff jumps, and even zip lines. The highlight of which was a 9-metre jump into a small but perfectly formed rock pool below!

Don’t Miss: Make sure to take in the breathtaking canyon scenery. The landscape is so unique and really shouldn’t be overlooked. There are some beautiful, but terrifying, precarious rock overhangs and fallen rocks along the route, so always keep your eyes peeled.

More Info: Canyoning Grimsel

3. Tackle the Whitewater of the Lütschine River

Price: From 125 CHF (€130)

Swiss Adventure Holiday River Rafting

If you’ve never been whitewater rafting, you have been missing out! Offering up glorious views of the valley from the water, the calmer sections of a river rafting trip are both idyllic and relaxing in equal measure. However, just as you begin to relax, you are treated to a good shot of adrenaline as you navigate a grade-4 rapid sending you and your fellow passengers into a fit of giddy shrieks as the boat bounces and bobs its way through the pumping water. You might even find yourself immersed in the glacial waters of the Lütschine from time to time. But fear not, your expert guide is on hand to make sure you are safe throughout.

Don’t Miss: The chance to go for a dip in the fast-flowing, glacial waters. There will be some sections where you can go for a swim alongside the raft, just be sure to ask your guide to let you know when it’s safe to jump in.

More Info: River Rafting

4.  Take on an Adventurous Descent from Grindelwald-First

Price: The gondola starts at 32 CHF (€33) and the activity tickets start at 50 CHF (€52)

Grindelwald-First Zip line

A thirty minute cable car ride will transport you from the Grindelwald right up into the mountains at 2,200 metres where a host of exciting adventures await. Once you’ve taken in the view of Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau which surround you, you can then navigate your way back down the mountain in style by linking together a host of exciting activities as you do so.

Kicking off with two ziplines, you soon realise that this is not your average walk down a mountain, in fact, it’s anything but! The second of the two ziplines was particularly unique as it dragged us back up the mountain before letting us go, allowing us to soar like an eagle, all the while taking in the epic landscape around us. It was epic!

We then followed this up with a 3km go-kart drive to our next activity whizzing past alpine cattle with the distinctive tinkle of their bells adding to the overall experience.

From there we hired some Trotti bikes (imagine a bike crossed with a scooter) for the final leg of our descent. We wound our way down the mountain, taking the time to really soak up the stunning landscape and picturesque alpine villages before arriving back at our starting point in Grindelwald where we were treated to a well-deserved beer in one of the town’s many bars.

Don’t Miss:  Your chance to stand out over the edge of the cliff at 2,200m on a breathtaking viewing platform. Although it’s terrifying, it makes for the perfect picture standing in front of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

More Info: Grindelwald-First

5. Jump off a 90-Metre High Platform Into a Canyon

Price: From 131 CHF (€136)

Swiss Adventure Holiday Canyon Swing

This is definitely not an activity for the faint of heart, or for those with a fear of heights. Stepping onto a small platform 90-metres above the ground with what looks like a very small gap between two sheer cliffs can be a touch too terrifying for some. However, if you can muster the courage to step off that platform we promise you won’t regret it.

You will feel like you are flying as you swing right into the canyon at a whopping 120km/h, releasing a surge of adrenaline and pure joy simultaneously as you whoop with delight that you had the courage to do it! Once the initial freefall starts to ebb, you can even take a few minutes to enjoy the sheer splendour of the canyon itself. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime activity.

Don’t Miss: The chance to lean back into the swing and get your facial expressions caught on one of three Go-Pros that are filming you during your swing. The full video will cost you 38 CHF (€40), but it is definitely worth it to have this experience recorded forever.

More Info: Canyon Swing

6. Take the Foot off the Pedal with a Relaxing Paddle on Lake Brienz

Price: 105 CHF (€110)

Kayak Lake Brienz Switzerland

No trip to Switzerland would be complete without making the most of the turquoise waters of one of its picture-perfect lakes. We headed to Lake Brienz for a beautiful sunset paddle where we spent two magical hours on the pristine glacial waters.

Kicking off from the beach in Bönigen, we paddled past imposing cliffs before arriving at Ringgenberg Castle which dates back to the 12 Century. After a brief history lesson from our lovely guide, we then paddled back across the lake to explore some of the pristine hidden beaches dotted along its shores.

The tours run right through the year with summer tours taking place from May to October and winter tours from November to April.

Don’t Miss: This paddle at sunset. While it is magical at any time of day, it is particularly special in the evening when the surrounding mountains are glowing in the light of the setting sun.

More Info: Hightide Kayaking

7. Finish off the Holiday with a SUP on Lake Thun

Price: Starting from 25 CHF (€26)

SUP Swiss Adventure Holiday

Stand up paddle boarding (and a swim!) on Lake Thun is a great way to relax after a busy day on dry land. Gliding across the lake’s deep blue waters will leave you feeling positively zen as you take in the glorious views around you.

Mountain Surf Interlaken supplies you with all the gear you need right on the water’s edge. They will give you a paddle board, paddle, and a life jacket and you are then free to explore the beauty of the lake unguided. The shoreline is dotted with Romanesque churches beneath the backdrop of some epic mountains, so you’ll never tire of the amazing views.

Mountain Surf allows you to choose from one-hour rentals to full-season rentals, so you can be sure to find the package that suits you best.

Don’t Miss: If you follow the lake around to the right of where you start paddling you will see some breathtaking cliffs beside some beautiful lakeside houses. This is a very popular spot for cliff jumpers and if you are lucky they might even be jumping as you’re out on the water.

More Info: Mountain Surf Interlaken

How to plan your Swiss adventure holiday…

The Switzerland Tourism Website is an invaluable source of information. Here, they have links to all the best hotels, transport, and activities. Allowing you full control of how you plan your holiday. We were guests of Switzerland Tourism and they showed us why the country is renowned for its efficiency as well as beauty. We were blown away by the frequent public transport, fantastic service on Swiss International Air Lines, and beautiful hotel.

You will find everything from great value deals to high-end wellness retreats on their website. Allowing you to find the perfect getaway to suit you. You can even buy your train and plane tickets through their website, how convenient!

By Killian Andersen

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