New data ranks Ireland on top as the most travelled nationality.

It’s confirmed, we, the Irish are “the most globe-trotting nation” on the planet, according to research published by Hostelworld, the online hostel-booking platform.

The research looked at holiday bookings since 2014 and found people living in Ireland to be the most travelled. It seems we have picked ourselves back up since the Celtic Tiger recession with 7.4 million overseas trips made by Irish residents in 2016.

Ireland also ranked an impressive eighth on the list of countries receiving the most bookings. While, Dublin Airport reported its busiest-ever July, with 3.1 million passengers. It certainly seems like we are living the good life!

Check out who else made the list:

Hostelworld’s 10 most travelled nations (per capita)

  1. Ireland
  2. Australia
  3. New Zealand
  4. England
  5. Canada
  6. Netherlands
  7. Switzerland
  8. Scotland
  9. Sweden
  10. Denmark

Hostelworld’s Top 10 destinations booked by Irish residents

  1. Dublin
  2. Galway
  3. London
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Berlin
  6. Budapest
  7. Cork
  8. Prague
  9. Belfast
  10. Barcelona

By Orla O'Muiri

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