Adventure is on the move, as Great Outdoors re-locate from its iconic Chatham Street store to South Great George’s Street.

Expert purveyors of outdoor apparel since 1976, Great Outdoors Chatham Street have re-located to a brand spanking new store on South Great Georges Street.

Fitness lover and fashion guru, Vogue Williams, officially opened the new  Great Outdoor store on South Great George’s Street with co-owners Ken Costigan and Derek Moody.

Great Outdoors was first opened in 1976, by founders Gerry Collins, Olympic Kayaker, and Leslie Lawrence, a well-respected diver, on Chatham Street, Dublin, and is Ireland’s oldest outdoor shop. In 1987, Ken Costigan and Derek Moody, two fresh-faced outdoor enthusiasts embarked on their journey with the iconic Irish retailer and were christened The Saturday Boys. Ken, 18 at the time, was training as an outdoor instructor in Wicklow from Monday to Friday. Meanwhile, Derek had bagged the job on the back of a transition year work experience.

Fast forward 32 years and The Saturday Boys are still there, but no longer as part-time employees. In 2011, Derek and Ken were appointed Co-Directors of Great Outdoors. This month, the pair are taking the store on its biggest journey yet. The two men, who are still in regular contact with the original founders, always strive to make Great Outdoors greater so when the opportunity to move to South Great George’s street came knocking, the two men couldn’t help but feel it was meant to be.

“Over the past four decades, Great Outdoors has become the go-to spot for many outdoor enthusiasts, and this transcends beyond Ireland. Ken and I can only hope to maintain this passion for the burgeoning outdoor scene in Ireland. We are constantly trying to improve our offering and engage with new generations. We are really looking forward to celebrating this exciting move with our new and long existing customers.”

The retail store may be moving, but Great Outdoors will always remain true to its roots and keep the customer top of mind.



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