A 12-year-old boy from Sydney, Australia stole his family’s credit card to take a solo vacation to Bali.

A 12-year-old boy spent about €8,000 of his family’s money after stealing a credit card to book a flight to Bali and a hotel room for four nights. He tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport and managed to book flights on an airline that allows minors to fly unaccompanied.

After a family argument, he told his family he was leaving for school in the morning. What he actually did is scooter to the local train station and caught a train to the airport. There, he boarded a plane bound for Bali.

Photo by jarrad horne on Unsplash

Upon arriving, the boy headed to a resort where it is reported he told the hotel he was waiting to meet his sister. Eventually, one of the boy’s friends at home showed a picture of him at the resort to the boy’s mother who immediately booked a flight to Bali to bring her son home.

The mother said that the boy fled after a family argument and does not like to be told ‘no’. He is now home safe and we bet he’ll be dining out on this story for the rest of his days. We’ve got to hand it to the kid, he’s pretty resourceful!

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