Over the past few camping trips, we have been on we have been putting some of Therm-a-Rest’s sleeping kit to the test. Here is what we think! 


Therm-a-Rest has been making industry-leading sleeping systems for 50 years now and in that time it is fair to say that they have refined the art of lightweight comfortable portable beds!

The sleep system

Have you ever spent the night in a tent and woken up with the hood of your sleeping bag over your face? This does not happen with a Therm-a-Rest sleep system.

What sets Therm-a-Rest sleep systems apart is how every item works together. Their sleeping bags and quilts seamlessly attach to their sleeping mats resulting in a secure bed solution that you won’t end up fighting with for a good night’s sleep.

What we have been using

We have been using the NeoAir Topo and Topo Luxe sleeping mats for the past few camps and it is fair to say that these are amongst the most comfortable sleeping mats that we have ever used. They’re not the lightest sleeping mats that Therm-a-Rest make; that award goes to the Therm-a-Rest Uberlite coming in at under 700g.

24 Hours Wild Camping at Coumshingaun Lough

We have been using three different sleeping bag and quilt variations.

Most people are familiar with sleeping bags. However, quilts are slightly different. Sleeping quilts are essentially sleeping bags without a back. Since the insulation in a sleeping bag comes from the loft of the fill, (which in the case of Therm-a-Rest products we have been using is 650+ Fill Power Down) when the fill is compressed (i.e. when you lie on it) it cannot loft and therefore is giving you no extra insulation. Taking this into account Therm-A-Rest have removed the back thus saving weight and in theory losing no warmth. The shape of the quilt is such that it wraps around the bottom of the sleeping mat. Therm-A-Rest also provides straps that hold the quilt down to the sleeping mat to limit any insulation loss.

“I had never slept in a quilt prior but I am definitely a convert now. As a smaller guy that generally wants to cover more distance when hiking, the lightweight option is always very interesting to me. The Corus sleeping quilts have peaked my interest for sure” – Matthew McConnell

The Therm-a-Rest Corus HD 2° quilt.

Corus™ 32F/0C Quilt | Backpacking Down Quilt | Therm-a-Rest®

Weighing a svelte 560g with a comfort rating down to 2°C this quilt is an excellent summer camping option for Ireland especially when weight is a key consideration.

The Therm-a-Rest Corus HD -6°C quilt

Therm-a-Rest Corus 32-Degree Down Backpacking & Camping Quilt | Mountains For Everybody

The warmer option of the two quilts but still maintaining an impressive weight of under 750g, the Therm-a-Rest Chorus HD -6°C quilt would be an excellent shoulder season option in Ireland or on slightly colder summer nights. This quilt has a comfort rating of 0 degrees but can be pushed to -6°C with the correct sleeping mat.

The Therm-a-Rest Questar -6°C

Thermarest Questar 20F/-6C Sleeping Bag | UK | Thermarest

The Therm-a-Rest Questar is the sleeping bag that we have been using. Like the other two above this sleeping bag uses 650 fill power hydrophobic down that meets the RDS standard for down sourcing. It is the heaviest option out of the three but coming in under 1kg, for what Therm-a-Rest considers to be a 3-season bag, is very impressive. Thanks to the down fill, this bag is also incredibly compressible in its stuff sack.

We have been incredibly impressed with the Therm-a-Rest sleep systems that we have been testing over the past while. After observing the manufacturing process of the sleeping mats in their factory in Midleton in Cork we are confident that these sleeping systems will have a long life making them a sustainable addition to your camping kit box.

Cascade Designs: A Sustainable Global Outdoor Brand in Co. Cork

By Matthew McConnell

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