To The Test: Helinox Ground Chair

Helinox is a brand that has taken the outdoor industry by storm over the past few years. Helinox specializes in high-quality, durable camp furniture, but the real selling point of Helinox’s kit is how lightweight and compact their products are. For years camping furniture has only been a luxury available to car campers, however, Helinox has made it possible for backpackers to experience the same comfort. In this article, we run through our favourite Helinox chair, the Ground Chair. 

What do we use it for?

The Helinox Ground Chair has completely revolutionised our outdoor experience. It is becoming increasingly rare that we venture outdoors without the Ground Chair in our backpack. It is incredibly light weighing as svelt 600g and packs into a stuff sack the size of a 2L milk carton.  We take the Ground Chair on dog walks, long hikes, and picnics regularly. It may seem a little bit unnecessary to have a camp chair with you for all of these occasions but believe us when we say it makes a huge difference when compared to sitting on hard rocks or wet moss. 


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Why do we like it?

We like the Helinox Ground Chair mainly because of how lightweight and compact it is. Regular camp chairs are a great way of taking rest in the outdoors, however, heavy fold-out camp chairs are not practical to bring with you and take up a lot of room. The Helinox Ground Chair is also surprisingly comfortable. As the name suggests you end up sitting quite close to the ground, however, the relaxed frame of the chair allows you to fully take the weight off your tired legs after a day of hiking or adventuring in the outdoors.


Who would we recommend it to?

We would recommend the Helinox Ground Chair to someone who enjoys taking breaks on their hikes to enjoy a summit sandwich or simply to observe nature. We would also recommend the Helinox Ground Chair to older hikers who want the comfort of a camp chair without having to worry about weight.  The Helinox Ground Chair is also a great addition to a family picnic setup. 

More information

As well as the Ground Chair, Helinox makes a wide range of other camp furniture including taller camp chairs, the Sunset Chair, tables, and kid’s chairs!  We would highly recommend exploring their range! 


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By Matthew McConnell

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