How many times have you sat in gridlocked traffic during your daily commute or decided not to go on a cycle for fear that you wouldn’t be able to make it up a steep hill? These problems are a thing of the past with electric bikes. If you invest in an electric bike you will be able to conquer any hill and dodge that standstill traffic on your way to and from work. If that sounds like something you’d like, we have put together 10 of the best electric bikes for you to choose from.

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1. 2022 Moustache Lundi 27.1

Price: €3,199.00

2022 Moustache Lundi - GreenAer e-bike

The first thing you notice about this stunning electric bike is its step-through frame which will allow any owner to easily mount or dismount the Lundi 27.1. You can also carry up to 27kg on your rear luggage rack and you can even attach a baby carrier in seconds. Comfort and practicality were truly at the forefront when designing the Lundi 27.1 making it a fantastic city commuter bike.

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2. Moustache Samedi 28.2

Price: €2,999.00

Moustache Samedi 28.2 - GreenAer electric bike

Another beautiful bike with a step-through frame. The Samedi 28.2 shares some qualities with the Lundi 27.1 but is unique in many ways. It is a fantastic electric bike for both town and country cycles. This bike offers a dynamic and comfortable cycle and even comes equipped with ergonomic handlebars. You can feel the emphasis that was put on comfort as you ease past traffic on this slick e-bike.

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3. Haibike Trekking 7.0

Price: €3,799.00

Haibike Trekking 7.0 - GreenAer electric bike

The Trekking 7.0 is considered to be a true all-rounder that was built for comfort and versatility. This electric bike can handle anything from daily commutes around town to long weekend bike-packing trips. This versatility is possible because of the large 27.5″ tyres and Shimano Deore 11-speed groupset.

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4. Orbea Optima E50

Price: €1,999.00

Orbea Optima E50 - GreenAer E-bike

If it’s a lightweight electric bike you’ve been searching for, look no further than the Optima 50. This is the lightest step-through electric bike in GreenAer’s range and will leave you smiling with how well it performs. This e-bike uses an internal battery to create the slick design that you see above. Orbea knows that design matters and this bike showcases the best in electric bike style and design.

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5. 2022 Haibike SDURO Hardseven 5.0

Price: €3,099.00

2022 Haibike SDURO Hardseven 5.0 - GreenAer electric bike

This beautiful high-performance electric bike is your perfect commuter bike with the added bonus of being cyclable in the mountains. This is one of the smoothest electric bikes you will ever cycle with barely noticeable pedal resistance and a natural riding sensation. Not to mention the Hardseven 5.0’s slick design, this is one of the best high-performance hybrid electric bikes on the market.

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6. Orbea Katu e-30

Price: €2,499.00

Orbea Katu e-30 - GreenAer Electric bike

Feast your eyes on this slick compact electric bike, the Katu e-30 is said to be one of the most versatile urban compacts available and it’s suitable for the entire family. It is the perfect bike for city traveling, you can cruise by all the stationary cars in style and comfort. The concept behind the Katu is one size fits all, so the entire family can make use of the bike.

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7. Gocycle G4i

Price: €5,499.00

Gocycle G4i - GreenAer electric bike

This is the go-to bike for anyone who needs to quickly jump between cycling and public transport. The G4i comes equipped with a fast folding mechanism for those who need to get into the office in a rush or hop onto the train before it leaves the station. The cables on this bike are elegantly routed through the frame to give this e-bike its clean design.

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8. Charger3

Price: Starting from €4,999.00

Charger3 - GreenAer electric bike

This bike is nearly fully customisable before purchase so you can be sure that you’re getting the perfect bike for you. The Charger3 comes equipped with the most powerful motor that Bosch has produced. As well as speed, this e-bike can hold up to 160kg with the heavy-duty package.

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9. Moustache Trail 10

Price: €8,099.00

Moustache Trail 10 - GreenAer electric bike

If you’re looking for the best high-performance electric mountain bike then this is the bike for you. Its high-performance suspension, the Magic Grip Control shock, and the Fox 38 Factory fork will keep your wheels to the ground, even at top speed.

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10. Tern GSD S10

Price: €6,372.00

Tern GSD S10 - GreenAer electric bikes

The Tern GSD is up there with one of the most practical electric cargo bikes on the market right now. It is the same length as a standard bike but can carry up to 180kg worth of cargo, perfect for two kids and a week’s worth of groceries.

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By Killian Andersen

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