We have been testing out the Kambukka Etna flask for a while now and it has become our go-to flask for when we are on the go!

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    Where was Kambukka established?

    What do we use it for?

    As outdoor enthusiasts, we love to socialize outdoors. Instead of going to a café to meet a friend we began bringing our own coffee to our favourite outdoor spaces. The Etna Flask was excellent for this.

    Why do we like it?

    There are so many flasks on the market nowadays. We like the Kambukka ones, and the Etna in particular, for a few reasons:

    1. The trigger lid: The Etna has 3 settings on the lid, locked open, trigger, and locked closed. This is perfect for use outdoors or on the go. When it is locked shut there is no chance of leaking, which we love. The trigger setting is also brilliant as it limits the amount of cold air that is getting into the flask which would reduce the efficiency of the flask.
    2. The design: All Kambukka’s bottles and flasks are beautifully designed and incorporate useful design features such as a grippy bottom so that the flask won’t fall over or leave a mark on your desk.
    3. Build quality: Kambukka uses the best materials available to ensure the best possible build quality.

    Who would we recommend it to?

    We would recommend anyone to check out Kambukka as a brand. They make lots of different sizes of flasks and bottles so there is something for everyone! With the proposed leve on single use coffee cups there has been no better time to get yourself a nice reusable coffee cup.

    More information

    Kambukka make the Etna in two different sizes The 300ml variation is perfect for day-to-day use. The larger 500ml size is excellent for those days that you need a little bit more coffee in the morning. Or our preferred use, a big cup of herbal tea on the side of the mountains is the sunsets.

    The Etna keeps your liquid warm for 5 hours And ice-cold for 11 (and it really does)

    A feature that we loved about the Etna flasks is the easy-clean lid. this stops weird tastes from getting in the way of your enjoyment of your beverage!

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    By Matthew McConnell

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