SAXX underwear is the next evolution of underwear! Saxx boxer briefs are not only supremely comfortable, they also have a number of unique features. In addition to soft and breathable material, SAXX’s best feature is arguably their ballpark pouch. This  3D hammock of sorts, separates your boys from the side of your leg preventing the itches, chafing and other uncomfortable effects of sweat from setting in.

What do we use them for?

One of the great things about SAXX underwear is that they have a range of different types of boxers to best suit the intended use:

1. The Vibe Boxer is one of their “Everyday” range.
It uses uber soft materials and strikes a perfect balance between snug and loose. This makes you forget you are even wearing them, making them perfect for everyday use!

2. The Kinetic Boxer is one of their “Sports” range.
Designed to be worn with linerless shorts or under running tights. This model is far lighter, tighter, and more breathable than its everyday counterparts. The main use of these is strenuous days of hiking, running, or any high output activity.

3. The Quest Boxer is one of their “Travel” range.
Using a perfect blend of breathable yet soft fabric. With a similar fit to the Vibe Boxer but materials similar to their “Sports” range the Quest Boxer would be an excellent warm-weather travel boxer and will keep you chafe-free where it matters!


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Why do we like it?

We have been trialing SAXX boxers for over a year now and are very impressed with the comfort and performance they offer. Originally we were curious about their “Sports” range for wearing with winter running tights for extra comfort. The Ball Park technology added a massive comfort boost to our runs. Not long after, we began to spend most days in either the Vibe or the Ultra Boxer and began to appreciate that the benefits of SAXX go far beyond the trails. We now find ourselves constantly reaching for SAXX and we genuinely judge when we need to do laundry by finding out there are no pairs of SAXX left in the drawer!


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Who would we recommend it to?

Men! If you have never tried a pair of SAXX you must. They genuinely are great. They are more expensive than conventional underwear, but for good reason. They make some neutral as well as some more “out there” designs so you can have some fun picking the pair for the father in your life!


More information

All styles of SAXX start with an ergonomic nine-panel construction to create 3D support around glutes, thighs, quads, and hamstrings. This same 3D principle also applies to the BallPark Pouch™, which has been perfectly formed to fit your anatomy. With breathable mesh panels on either side, the pouch provides a permanent divide between your balls and thighs. This means no more sticking, chafing, or general discomfort.






By Matthew McConnell

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