Kambukka (cam-boo-kah) is a Belgian drink-wear brand that creates trendy coffee cups, flasks and water bottles for people on the go. We all know that there is a global epidemic of single-use containers today. In fact, some numbers suggest that coffee cups and water bottles alone account for over 1 million items of waste per day in Ireland!

    WIN! A Kambukka Flask

    Where was Kambukka established?

    Kambukka: Who are they?

    Kambukka is a Swahili word that means, enjoy, benefit or amuse. Their slogan, “A Thirst For Life” encapsulates what this brand is all about. Their designs are stylish and fun, their products are practical and they are committed to sustainable development.

    Established in Belgium, Kambukka creates products that aim to close the circle of consumption in society. This means that their products will be the last of their type that the customer will need to purchase. The brand’s objective is to create products that are so functional and easy to use that the customer will no longer consider the “convenient” option of a single-use alternative. Kambukka has also achieved B-Corp status. Certified B Corporations® are companies that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. This is a demonstration of Kambukka’s commitment to sustainability.

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    One of the major roles of a water bottle is to not leak. A leaky water bottle is destined for the bin and likely will result in a loss of faith in the product in future. Kambukka has resolved this. Their patent-pending lid designs are simple to use and are truly leakproof. We have brought our Etna Flask, full of tea, on numerous hikes and never had an issue.

    How We Use Kambukka Products

    Our favourite product is the Etna Flask. Why do we love it? We are so glad you asked!

    There are so many flasks on the market nowadays. We like the Kambukka ones, and the Etna in particular, for a few reasons:

    1. The trigger lid: The Etna has 3 settings on the lid, locked open, trigger, and locked closed. This is perfect for use outdoors or on the go. When it is locked shut there is no chance of leaking, which we love. The trigger setting is also brilliant as it limits the amount of cold air that is getting into the flask which would reduce the efficiency of the flask.
    2. The design: All Kambukka’s bottles and flasks are beautifully designed and incorporate useful design features such as a grippy bottom so that the flask won’t fall over or leave a mark on your desk.
    3. Build quality: Kambukka uses the best materials available to ensure the best possible build quality.

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