Bir, India: A Small Village with a Big Paragliding Reputation

Barry Roberts tells us about his extraordinary adventure paragliding in Bir, India - the very small town hosting the Paragliding World Cup 2015.
Kayaking in Montenegro

Tara Canyon: White Water Kayaking in Montenegro

The University of Limerick Kayak Club recently decided to spice up its annual white water trip by heading to Tara Canyon, Montenegro. Kim Siekerman gives us the details.
O'Meara solo circumnavigation of Ireland

Mick O’Meara Sets New Record for Solo Circumnavigation of Ireland

50-year-old Mick O’Meara has recently smashed the record for a solo circumnavigation of Ireland. Emma Decker talks to Mike and finds out his top tips.
North Pole Irish team

Challenge of a Lifetime: Irish Team Take on North Pole

Less than 200 people have ever made it to the North Pole. O’Leary and O’Shea attempted to become the first Irish team to make it to the North Pole by foot. We discover their story. 
Zugspitze Glacier

Ehrwald: Outsider’s Heavenly Hiking Holiday

In August, Outsider is heading off with some of our readers to the pretty town of Ehrwald. We chatted to Marco Piccoli from Topflight to find out what to expect.

Adrenaline Fuelled Alps: A Holiday for Adventure Lovers

The French Alps may be best known as a ski destination, but it also offers a range of adventure pursuits to satisfy any adrenaline junkie.

Moroccan Magic: Adventure Holiday in Morocco

Climb 4,000m peaks, surf Atlantic swells, mountain bike on pristine single-track and paddle some spectacular rivers… Colin Irvine discovers that you can have it all on a Moroccan holiday.