On top of the world: Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains

Casting aside stereotypes of famine and arid dustbowls, Kris Goodbody heads to Ethiopia and discovers a proud land boasting ancient history and stunning mountains.

By Helena Raraty


Highs and Lows: Heli-skiing Siberia’s Volcanoes

Hard-core heli-skiing is not for the fainthearted. Gerhard Mayrhuber tells us of his experience chasing such powder highs heli-skiing in Russia’s Siberia.

By Helena Raraty

Courmayeur skiing

7 of the Best Places to Go Off-piste Skiing in Europe

Back country, side country, freeride, off-piste, shredding the gnar…call it what you will. Outsider has the 7 best places to do it.

By Helena Raraty

City Sea Kayaking in Cork and Beyond

Jasper Winn explores the unexpected pleasure of city sea-kayaking in the Rebel City and offers information on other urban paddling opportunities.

By Helena Raraty

Sunrise in Kigali, Rwanda

The Land of a Thousand Hills: Walking Rwanda

Fearghal O’Nuallain decided to walk across Rwanda to see if adventuring is a good way to learn about development. Here's what he discovered on his journey through this remarkable country.

By Helena Raraty

Paragliding at Treble Cone.

Flying Solo: Learning to Paraglide in New Zealand

Who knew it only took 10 days to learn to fly! Louise Healy heads to New Zealand’s southern Alps to take to the skies on a paragliding course.

By Helena Raraty

Verbier: More Than Just Clichéd Luxury?

Team Outsider didn't think the apparent ostentation of the Verbier Saint Bernard region was for us until we spent three days there digging deeper.

By Helena Raraty

Iceland Explored: The Land of Fire, Ice and Epic Adventure

Eoin McCarthy Deering writes of his trip to Iceland, a country of profound beauty and endless adventure. He gives us the low-down on how to explore Iceland.

By Helena Raraty

Niseko ski area

Skiing in Niseko: Sushi, Saki and Snow

Now is a great time for skiing in Niseko, an area famous for its abundance of light powder snow. Louise finds out everything Niseko has to offer.

By Helena Raraty


An Epic Climbing Adventure in the Gran Sabana, Venezuela

Shane Houbart takes on an epic climb of the Gran Sabana (Great Savanna), on the Venezuelan-Brazilian border. The former British Marine gets far more than he bargained for!

By Helena Raraty


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