The Historic Swimmer Nuala Moore: What I Eat in a Week

Nuala Moore – the first person in history to swim the maritime boundary between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans – shares her swimming week food diary.

By Elsa Anderling

Diet Myths Debunked

Get Food Smart: Training Diet Myths Debunked

It's hard to determine what’s true or false when it comes to diet. Dietician Michelle Loughlin has helped us to find clarity in some common diet myths.

By Elsa Anderling

Barkley Marathons

Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats its Young

Just 15 people have crossed the finish line in the Barkley Marathons. Irish Eoin Keith is one of the arguably crazy folk that has taken on the challenge.

By Elsa Anderling

53 Degrees North Festival

This Summer’s Festive Adventures: The 53 Degrees North Adventure Festival in Wicklow

From kayaking to biking, wakeboarding to walking and campfires to craft beer: The 53 Degrees North Adventure Festival is THE weekend for outdoors lovers!

By Elsa Anderling

Bike Week Ireland

Bike Week Is Upon us: What’s on the Agenda?

Bike Week is a celebration of all that's great about bikes and cycling and is taking place all over Ireland between the 9 to the 17 June.

By Elsa Anderling

Speed Dating Cycling Event

Single Cyclists, Look Here: Speed Dating Cycling Event to Take Place in Wicklow

Want to take your date out for a spin? Now you can: Skoda will be hosting a 60 km speed dating cycle for singles who are ready to mingle – on two wheels. 

By Elsa Anderling

Best Walks in Killarney

Hiking: 5 of Killarney’s Most Stunning Walks

Killarney, with its rugged and mountainous National Park, is a fantastic spot to put your hiking boots on. We've listed our 5 favourite walks to do here.

By Elsa Anderling

Running With Bad Knees

Running With Knee Problems – a Good or a Bad Idea?

Are you struggling with knee problems and osteoarthritis? A new study is suggesting that running with bad knees may be beneficial, and not bad at all.

By Elsa Anderling

Can I Exercise With a Cold

Can I Exercise With This (Super-Annoying) Cold, or Not?

We've all been there, still kind of sickly but insanely restless as well. So what's the verdict, can you or can you not exercise with a cold?

By Elsa Anderling

Bike Hire Scheme Dublin

New Station-Free Bike Hire Scheme Launched in Dublin

A new bike hire scheme has been launched in Dublin, with 200 bikes hitting the streets immediately and where no set rental station is needed to hire a bike.

By Elsa Anderling


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