Exercises for Beginner Hikers

Hiking for Beginners: Exercises to Get You Fit

Before you start on the mountain, make sure your body is ready for the ascent. Here are some exercises that will strengthen your body to prepare for hikes!

By Brianne Doherty

Child carrier backpacks

Child Carrier Backpacks: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

Child carriers are a great way to take your baby out into the world while strapped to your back. Here is everything you need to know before you buy!

By Brianne Doherty

Outsider Awards: Most Inspiring Person – the Olly O’Neill award

Outsider People of the Year Awards 2018: Nominees Wanted!

We're searcing for the most bad-ass, bold and downright ballsy outdoorsy people from the Irish outdoor and adventure scene in 2018!

By Brianne Doherty

Dan Martin

60 Seconds With Dan Martin

Outsider's Heather Snelgar sat down with Dan Martin, who has recently been named brand ambassador for Garmin cycling, to find out what makes him tick.

By Brianne Doherty

Another Smashing Weekend at the 59th Annual Liffey Descent

This weekend, on 15 September, the Liffey, saw 266 canoe and kayaks careening down its banks at the 59th annual Liffey Descent.

By Brianne Doherty

First Female Porters Inca Trail

Meet the Revolutionary Women Who Became the First Female Porters on the Inca Trail

In the male-dominated Peruvian tourist industry, women have never been given the chance to prove their worth as porters on the trail, until now.

By Brianne Doherty

Mavericks Surfing Competition

Closing the Pay Gap: Mavericks Surfing Competition to Pay Both Men and Women Equal Prize Money

This year, female surfers entering into the Mavericks surfing challenge will be competing for an equal amount of prize money as the men.

By Brianne Doherty

Vicks Vaporub

Vicks Vaporub: 7 Amazing Uses You Never Knew About

There are many ways that Vicks can be effective every day. Here are 7 unconventional ways that you can use Vicks to treat common problems in your life!

By Brianne Doherty

cora ball

Product We Love: The Cora Ball

This week, we fell in love with the new, sustainable, eco-friendly Cora Ball, a laundry ball that is cleaning up our oceans one wash-load at a time!

By Brianne Doherty

Scam on Everest

Investigations Reveal Multi-Million Dollar Scam on Everest

Recent investigations surrounding some trekking companies in Nepal's tourism industry have uncovered a multi-million dollar scam on Mount Everest.

By Brianne Doherty